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Commission information:

Referential prices:

COMMISSION: DRAWINGS, Linearts and Graphite Greys

15 USD: "Chibi", distorted character LINEART.
20 USD: simple Character bust/face, no background.
25 to 35 USD: more complex works focused around a single main character, in black and white or graphite greys. (there may be secondary characters, and backgrounds... again, price depends of complexity.
35 to 40+ USD Referential price for a more complex scene, with more than one character interacting, more complex backgrounds, etc etc. Price it's only referential, as depends of complexity.

(To more complex commissions -depending of themes, characters, difficulty, number of characters, poses, perspective, complex or tedious armor, blah, etc, designs, more complex backgrounds, archicectural commissions and landscapes, etc- the price will be determined for complexity)

- In principle, commissions are in black and white, hand-draw, as I'm not allways avaible for colouring or digital colouring .
Therefore: Ask for avaibility! And In the case that the commissioner wants a coloured drawing, I consider this a second commission, paid in an independent way. The Price will depend on the complexity!

I must add, I'm not much of a colourist at hearth!


:bulletred: All commissions are paid via Paypal. Normally I prefeer to be paid once I have done the commission or a WIP of it. (I don't like being paid beforehand)

:bulletred: My prefereed contact method it's with notes in deviantArt.

:bulletred: I don't draw things banned from dA, things I'm not comfortable drawing, comics and fan art in general (with some exceptions from work of people I know in internet, or anime/cartoons I like in my own enough to draw as well. XD)

:bulletblue: I will/may upload the commission in my deviantArt Gallery, and the commissioner can request a high resolution copy by e-mail.

:bulletblue: I reserve myself the right to accept or not a commission. This could be due theme, being busy in "real life" outside of the internet, artblock, lack of inspiration, etc... I don't know.

:bulletblue: I reserve the right to post the commissioned artwork it in my dA page, pixiv, tumblr or other internet sites operated by me with non-profit goals. As well, I reserve the right to show the illustrations in exhibitions and my portafolio, but won't reproduce the commission for profit.

Doubts or interested, send me a note!

What I prefeer to do:

- Original Characters (Fantasy scenarios for the best, then Sci-fi ones a bit less XD)

- themes I draw in my gallery as well XD


If you want to commission you, BE WARNED! I'm a hobbyst, not a professional! I draw for fun, and from inspiration.

While normally I try to follow an order between the people that commissioned me in certain order, true to be told I don't work with a schedule, but from inspiration.

I'm quite sorry then for my randomly way of doing commissions.
The 18 April 2018, my deviantart gallery reached 3.000.000 Pageviews!

I was to slow to try to organize a "Kiriban Hunt" I'm afraid! Caught me while on work when thinking to make one, and then it was all gone and done!

I know these numbers are in the end meaningless, and only serve to brush the moustache of your own ego -but we all know I love mustaches. Mueh Mueh Mueh!-, but many thanks for visiting this gallery.

Aside of the 3.000.000 Pageviews, as well recently over 9,000 people (and bots, and secondary accounts, and abandoned ones, etc) have watch my gallery... which was the opportunity to do a beaten, old joke from the internet:
It's over 9000! by Shabazik

Many thanks to everybody!

I know I'm all sort of spammy -I upload a deviation almost every 0.8 days... and then, counting all the stuff I send after into the scrapbook, it goes up to almost two "items" daily-.

Since I joined dA the 7 March 2010, I have added to my watchlist 279 deviants, and have massed a collection of over 20,000 favorites. I have posted 86 journals -87 now!-, 3,360 deviations, and 3,017 scraps, and the deviations in my gallery were viewed 13,613,146 times.

Overall, my deviations received 120,500 comments and were added to deviants' favourites 344,834 times, while I made 96,572 comments, about 32.56 comments per day since joining DeviantArt. This means that Shabazik received 12 comments for every 10 that they gave.

The deviation with the most comments is Silicon Lifeform with 325 comments -but I must recognice, only because two random deviants began to roleplay there, so I don't feel like it really counts!-, while the most favourited one is Battle Succubus Novice, with 530 favourites. The most viewed deviation is Clone soldier and Shiks with 34,538 views.

For this occasion, the great :iconalexi-c: did a splendid gift:
Hench-Girl-Fight! by Alexi-C

-I want to give special thanks to my close deviantArt friends of always! Thanks to you, I have keep working onwards on my personal projects of the fantasy World of Aiers and the Nebula of Ots, and to the commissioners who have supported for so long my hobby!-

In other news, on the Daemorian Front:


This is an emergency service announcement to all those who care:

:icondaemoria:Daemoria is opening emergency commissions to cover the veterinary medical bills that incurred to save his cat Phobos from an acute and life-threatening emergency. Please, consider commissioning this talented sci-fi artist, and supporting his mission of saving his feline friend.

Salt jungles by Daemoria
Dreaming of the End by Daemoria
Prelude. -2- by Daemoria
Hot Drop by Daemoria
Situation Report by Daemoria

Please contact Daemoria directly via note system in case you have decided to commission him - do it for the little Phobos! cat planet  
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I want to do a contest for the 29 November, but I doubt about the theme... in big thematic: what would you prefer? And what contest idea you have? Comment! 

184 deviants said Fantasy era contest of Aiers
96 deviants said Science Fiction of Nebula of Ots
67 deviants said Modern age of Aiers contest
18 deviants said Other idea, you would comment?



Artist | Hobbyist
Chile the path of the ones who want to become better artists, storyteller... and finally get better using this damn language of english!


Wait-- What?!
"How do you like your new body?"

"Excellent! Your steward truly is one of the best Blood Wizards! It did exactly what I told him!"

"Now, for the payment?"

"Of course, of course! The Ozcuras!"

"wait-- what?!"

"They will serve you well! They would be able to train all the chainmail bikini warriors you want, oh, Ozcura-Demon Prince Ashmadael!


Ashmadael getting his grabby hands on some Chainmail Ozcura warriors!
Mind your own business, elf!
"What are you doing?"

"What it does look like we are doing?! Mind your own business elf!"

"Why are you even talking to that elf?!"
You come with me!

"Vikki! Pick up your stuff!" Layla said, as she stormed into the cottage.

"What? Why?" Vikki said, looking up to Layla, other of the mates of her Ozcuro.

"Because you won't believe me, but I get accepted in the Sisterhood of the Chainmail Bikini Warriors!"

"Weren't you already one of these?"

"I HAD a chainmail bikini! Now is different! It's official! So we are going!"


"First of all, because you owe me for taking my Chainmail bikini without asking! Second, a warrior of my status will need a forrager to do stuff for her! You wouldn't expect me to do such menial stuff!"

Vikki didn't liked the idea. At all. She had hoped, Layla to leave to do her crazy antics as soon her daughters were old enough, which would mean for Vikki the golden opportunity to become the main Ozcura of the herd, as Mama Joël was too old and their Ozcuro hadn't gotten a replacement for Geezh and Bluhg, so for the first time in her life, she expected to enjoy the undivided attention of their Ozcuro, Slobbo... and now, Layla wanted to drag her around?!

"Who would take care of our Ozcuro, if I leave?!"

"Mama Joël, of course! Now pick up your stuff!"

"But I don't only mean food and such! Our dear Slobbo have needs!" Vikki protested.

"You would be surprised how resourceful Mama Joël is! Now! Go! Go! Go! We have to catch the company! We are going to the Ashes of the Dol-Nur!"

The Ashes of the Dol'Nur?! That sounded like a TERRIBLE place, and clearly not a place for a worker caste Ozcura like herself!

Slobbo sighed, as he walked back home. Other tiring day in the town square, watching over so his sunny spot wasn't taked by any of these upstard young ozcuros, drinking vodka with some pastries and eyeing the Ozcuras that went to the well for water, seeing for an opening for an unclaimed or unwatched one to add to his heard... again, without results.

He guessed, he could try to pick up some new Ozcuras for his herd somewhere else, in the outskirts of the town waiting for the return of a forager party, but that sounded like so much work... and of course, he would then leave unwatched his spot on the towns square, for any youngling wannabe-ozcuro to take it, which was unnaceptable.

Really, things would be far easier, if his Ozcuras brought him some other Ozcuras, or some money to buy one in the slave market, but his Ozcuras were becoming lazy, and only were doing their work, rather than seeking to expand the herd, and so, all the hard work of overseeing and getting new mates had to fall again in his powerful shoulders.

Being an Ozcuro was so tiring, sometimes!

Then, he heard some bleating and screaming, coming from his house.

His first thought was that some Ozcuro was trying to steal his ozcuras, so he hurried... only to find, a bit perplexed, the image of two of her mates fighting. But not the common power struggles among Ozcuras of a herd, to establish dominance and the status. No.

Layla was tugging Vikki from her legs, while she bleated and clutched to the door, refusing to leave.

"What's going on?!" Slobbo said confused.

"Layla want to take me away! I don't want toooo!" Vikki said, still holding the door. The Ozcuro sighed, and picked both ozcuras -one under each of his arms- so they stopped fighting.

"What was Vikki saying, Layla?"

"I'm a chainmail bikini warrior now! An OFFICIAL one!" Layla said, struggling to get away from the hold of the much larger Ozcuro. "And I need an entourage! A Forrager, to make stuff for me!"

"I don't want to!" Vikki protested, hugging from her awkward position their Ozcuro. "She wants to leave you alooooneeee Slobbo!"

The Ozcuro frowned. "Yeah. We can't have that! There is still much work to be done, for leaving Vikki go Layla"

"Yes!" Vikki celebrated, much to the disappointment of Layla.

"However, I have an idea." Slobbo said. "Let's make a deal. You bring me two new ozcuras for the herd, and you can bring Vikki alone" he said with a lustful smile, thinking of his great plan to expand his herd.

"What?! No!" Vikki protested, but Layla was quick to accept the deal: "Let's do this!"

Grey Orcs are among the orcs the race with greater sexual dimorphism between males -Ozcuros- and females -Ozcuras-. While Ozcuras are warriors and workers, they have really an extremly patriarchal society, in which males have poligamous relations with several ozcuras.Normally, each male Ozcuro have -or at least, try to have- a "herd" of several Ozcuras. As Ozcuras are the ones who work, a male needs as many ozcuras as he can to have a succesful household.




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In addition...

Many decades later, when photography was developed on the Eastern Continent (in this alternate world) a movie camera and film stock was imported into Inquanok. Among the first productions was, of course, an adaptation of the famous Aiers stories!


One of the early classics of silent film, this pioneering production used painted backdrops and double-exposure trick photography to recreate the world of the famous Aiers stories, based on the works of beloved author Inaraa.

SYNOPSIS: Into the far-off world of Aiers, planet of adventure, an ordinary sea-folk girl named Amphy arrives, courtesy of a mysterious interdimensional doorway! Finding herself in the exotic city of Karbad (sic), Amphy must fight Layla the Chain Mail Bikini Slayer for the love of pretty young Bog the Barbarian. Later, Amphy and Layla become fast friends, and work together to foil the Demon Lord Ashmondael's evil plot to blow up all of Aiers! 

"Although showing, at some points, the fact that it is an adaptation of the long-running stage play, INCREDIBLE ADVENTURE was, in many ways, a true advance in the art of the cinema on the Southern Continent."
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Of course darling, that's my Pricom dress uniform. by aforismatic
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