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Commission information:

Referential prices:

COMMISSION: DRAWINGS, Linearts and Graphite Greys

15 USD: "Chibi", distorted character LINEART.
20 USD: simple Character bust/face, no background.
25 to 35 USD: more complex works focused around a single main character, in black and white or graphite greys. (there may be secondary characters, and backgrounds... again, price depends of complexity.
35 to 40+ USD Referential price for a more complex scene, with more than one character interacting, more complex backgrounds, etc etc. Price it's only referential, as depends of complexity.

(To more complex commissions -depending of themes, characters, difficulty, number of characters, poses, perspective, complex or tedious armor, blah, etc, designs, more complex backgrounds, archicectural commissions and landscapes, etc- the price will be determined for complexity)

- In principle, commissions are in black and white, hand-draw, as I'm not allways avaible for colouring or digital colouring .
Therefore: Ask for avaibility! And In the case that the commissioner wants a coloured drawing, I consider this a second commission, paid in an independent way. The Price will depend on the complexity!

I must add, I'm not much of a colourist at hearth!


:bulletred: All commissions are paid via Paypal. Normally I prefeer to be paid once I have done the commission or a WIP of it. (I don't like being paid beforehand)

:bulletred: My prefereed contact method it's with notes in deviantArt.

:bulletred: I don't draw things banned from dA, things I'm not comfortable drawing, comics and fan art in general (with some exceptions from work of people I know in internet, or anime/cartoons I like in my own enough to draw as well. XD)

:bulletblue: I will/may upload the commission in my deviantArt Gallery, and the commissioner can request a high resolution copy by e-mail.

:bulletblue: I reserve myself the right to accept or not a commission. This could be due theme, being busy in "real life" outside of the internet, artblock, lack of inspiration, etc... I don't know.

:bulletblue: I reserve the right to post the commissioned artwork it in my dA page, pixiv, tumblr or other internet sites operated by me with non-profit goals. As well, I reserve the right to show the illustrations in exhibitions and my portafolio, but won't reproduce the commission for profit.

Doubts or interested, send me a note!

What I prefeer to do:

- Original Characters (Fantasy scenarios for the best, then Sci-fi ones a bit less XD)

- themes I draw in my gallery as well XD


If you want to commission you, BE WARNED! I'm a hobbyst, not a professional! I draw for fun, and from inspiration.

While normally I try to follow an order between the people that commissioned me in certain order, true to be told I don't work with a schedule, but from inspiration.

I'm quite sorry then for my randomly way of doing commissions.
The 18 April 2018, my deviantart gallery reached 3.000.000 Pageviews!

I was to slow to try to organize a "Kiriban Hunt" I'm afraid! Caught me while on work when thinking to make one, and then it was all gone and done!

I know these numbers are in the end meaningless, and only serve to brush the moustache of your own ego -but we all know I love mustaches. Mueh Mueh Mueh!-, but many thanks for visiting this gallery.

Aside of the 3.000.000 Pageviews, as well recently over 9,000 people (and bots, and secondary accounts, and abandoned ones, etc) have watch my gallery... which was the opportunity to do a beaten, old joke from the internet:
It's over 9000! by Shabazik

Many thanks to everybody!

I know I'm all sort of spammy -I upload a deviation almost every 0.8 days... and then, counting all the stuff I send after into the scrapbook, it goes up to almost two "items" daily-.

Since I joined dA the 7 March 2010, I have added to my watchlist 279 deviants, and have massed a collection of over 20,000 favorites. I have posted 86 journals -87 now!-, 3,360 deviations, and 3,017 scraps, and the deviations in my gallery were viewed 13,613,146 times.

Overall, my deviations received 120,500 comments and were added to deviants' favourites 344,834 times, while I made 96,572 comments, about 32.56 comments per day since joining DeviantArt. This means that Shabazik received 12 comments for every 10 that they gave.

The deviation with the most comments is Silicon Lifeform with 325 comments -but I must recognice, only because two random deviants began to roleplay there, so I don't feel like it really counts!-, while the most favourited one is Battle Succubus Novice, with 530 favourites. The most viewed deviation is Clone soldier and Shiks with 34,538 views.

For this occasion, the great :iconalexi-c: did a splendid gift:
Hench-Girl-Fight! by Alexi-C

-I want to give special thanks to my close deviantArt friends of always! Thanks to you, I have keep working onwards on my personal projects of the fantasy World of Aiers and the Nebula of Ots, and to the commissioners who have supported for so long my hobby!-

In other news, on the Daemorian Front:


This is an emergency service announcement to all those who care:

:icondaemoria:Daemoria is opening emergency commissions to cover the veterinary medical bills that incurred to save his cat Phobos from an acute and life-threatening emergency. Please, consider commissioning this talented sci-fi artist, and supporting his mission of saving his feline friend.

Salt jungles by Daemoria
Dreaming of the End by Daemoria
Prelude. -2- by Daemoria
Hot Drop by Daemoria
Situation Report by Daemoria

Please contact Daemoria directly via note system in case you have decided to commission him - do it for the little Phobos! cat planet  
  • Listening to: Sabaton - Camouflage
  • Reading: The Spanish Civil War of Antony Beevor
  • Watching: Morning Fog
  • Playing: Napoleon Total War
  • Eating: Pasta
  • Drinking: Coca Cola

I was wondering... of the themes I draw in my gallery: why you came to see or watch my gallery? 

293 deviants said Fantasy illustrations
189 deviants said tied up ladies
172 deviants said Minions, mooks and henchwomen pics
74 deviants said Science Fiction drawings
70 deviants said The stories (that I never seem to end and forget always to continue)
51 deviants said military pics
40 deviants said Other reason, you want to share?
7 deviants said the rare fanart pics



Artist | Hobbyist
Chile the path of the ones who want to become better artists, storyteller... and finally get better using this damn language of english!


Break! That! Neck!

Mature Content

Carmen, Sentry of Pricom by Shabazik

Sentry of Pricom : Choose your Own Adventure
This is a Choose Your Adventure proyect, where you take the role of a Sentry of Pricom, a Henchwoman called Carmen Urrejola in what you expect to be a normal day in the base working for the shady corporation of Pricom. After reading each part of the story, you are going to make choices that determine the main character's actions and the plot's outcome. 

Pricom is a creation of :iconstrangejack:

You just had enough, of being the bottom feeder, the lowly Pricom henchwoman, and being expendable.

Did this dude think, he could just barge in the base, take you down, and simply discard you, like nothing?

Time to send a message to this world, that Carmen Urrejola isn't to be messed with.

As the masked intruder laid on the floor of the Pricom Base of Sector B11, you stomped with your combat boots on his neck.



Three times.

And two more times, for good measure.

As the intruder gave his last spams, you wondered what to do...

Back Kick

Mature Content

Carmen, Sentry of Pricom by Shabazik

Sentry of Pricom : Choose your Own Adventure
This is a Choose Your Adventure proyect, where you take the role of a Sentry of Pricom, a Henchwoman called Carmen Urrejola in what you expect to be a normal day in the base working for the shady corporation of Pricom. After reading each part of the story, you are going to make choices that determine the main character's actions and the plot's outcome. 

Pricom is a creation of :iconstrangejack:

With a growl, you burrowed your leg into the back of the masked intruder with everything you had. The slam sent vibrations of pain through your shin but the strike sent him ramming into the wall with a thud.

As he stumbled back at you, you reeled back your leg, performing the same round kick into your target. The man spinned a moment, dazed, and you took your chance, striking again with a series of punches and strikes with your palm.

After such beatdown, despite his tactical gear and all, the enemy operative feel to his knees. A round kick to the head send him right to the floor.

You looked down at him,wondering what to do now.

This is Mark.

He's sort of a Scumbag.

Don't be like Mark.



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Chinesegal Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2018
Can you tell me anything about your world of aiers?
Shabazik Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2018  Hobbyist
Ok, but as there is so much I can tell, I will instead began very simple:

it's my own fantasy setting, but while I have created it, it have become a collaborative venture, as other artists (illustrators and writers) have set stories in this world.

As well, unlike other fantasy settings where isn't very visible technological progress, I have tried to make it more visible. extremly general terms, that's it.

: U
helpmethomasno Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2018
this pricom stuff

kanyiko Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for all of the recent faves!! :hug:
ares12 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry that you felt you had to disable comments on 93 Bierzeitung 2017.
Speaking as a Trump supporter, I found it goofy in its own, propaganda style way.
Shabazik Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018  Hobbyist
It have too a feminist using an aborted baby as a flail, mapuche terrorists and immigrants with plage: so nope, sorry, I prefeer to avoid a storm, thanks, specially when USA americans want to debate their political views for or agains!

So far had 4 notes, 2 very against and very supportive of Trump. Better for them ro share their views only with me, than firing at each other and me trying to mediate a foreign conflict everybody is very vocal about!

(I care for USA politics mostly how they affect only chilean and immediaty latinamerican reality, not internal issues. The moment I want to debate Trump policies regarding Chile, I will leave open comments)
iowaguy1979 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018
I like your Trump drawing! Smart of you to disable comments, any picture of him seems to set off a very angry debate.
Shabazik Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018  Hobbyist
For the ammounts of notes Im receiving against and in favour, sure!

I dont mind them expressing their personal opiniobs in such a way, because so they dont fighters with others for personal preferences!
Techno-Universal Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohh so are you open to requests/art trades/collabs? :)
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