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Commission information:

Referential prices:

COMMISSION: DRAWINGS, Linearts and Graphite Greys

15 USD: "Chibi", distorted character LINEART.
20 USD: simple Character bust/face, no background.
25 to 30 USD: more complex works focused around a single main character, in black and white or graphite greys. (there may be secondary characters, and backgrounds... again, price depends of complexity.
30 to 40+ USD Referential price for a more complex scene, with more than one character interacting, more complex backgrounds, etc etc. Price it's only referential, as depends of complexity.

(To more complex commissions -depending of themes, characters, difficulty, number of characters, poses, perspective, complex or tedious armor, blah, etc, designs, more complex backgrounds, archicectural commissions and landscapes, etc- the price will be determined for complexity)

- In principle, commissions are in black and white, hand-draw, as I'm not allways avaible for colouring or digital colouring .
Therefore: Ask for avaibility! And In the case that the commissioner wants a coloured drawing, I consider this a second commission, paid in an independent way. The Price will depend on the complexity!

I must add, I'm not much of a colourist at hearth!


:bulletred: All commissions are paid via Paypal. Normally I prefeer to be paid once I have done the commission or a WIP of it. (I don't like being paid beforehand)

:bulletred: My prefereed contact method it's with notes in deviantArt.

:bulletred: I don't draw things banned from dA, things I'm not comfortable drawing, comics and fan art in general (with some exceptions from work of people I know in internet, or anime/cartoons I like in my own enough to draw as well. XD)

:bulletblue: I will/may upload the commission in my deviantArt Gallery, and the commissioner can request a high resolution copy by e-mail.

:bulletblue: I reserve myself the right to accept or not a commission. This could be due theme, being busy in "real life" outside of the internet, artblock, lack of inspiration, etc... I don't know.

:bulletblue: I reserve the right to post the commissioned artwork it in my dA page, pixiv, tumblr or other internet sites operated by me with non-profit goals. As well, I reserve the right to show the illustrations in exhibitions and my portafolio, but won't reproduce the commission for profit.

Doubts or interested, send me a note!

What I prefeer to do:

- Original Characters (Fantasy scenarios for the best, then Sci-fi ones a bit less XD)

- themes I draw in my gallery as well XD


If you want to commission you, BE WARNED! I'm a hobbyst, not a professional! I draw for fun, and from inspiration.

While normally I try to follow an order between the people that commissioned me in certain order, true to be told I don't work with a schedule, but from inspiration.

I'm quite sorry then for my randomly way of doing commissions.
The 18 April 2018, my deviantart gallery reached 3.000.000 Pageviews!

I was to slow to try to organize a "Kiriban Hunt" I'm afraid! Caught me while on work when thinking to make one, and then it was all gone and done!

I know these numbers are in the end meaningless, and only serve to brush the moustache of your own ego -but we all know I love mustaches. Mueh Mueh Mueh!-, but many thanks for visiting this gallery.

Aside of the 3.000.000 Pageviews, as well recently over 9,000 people (and bots, and secondary accounts, and abandoned ones, etc) have watch my gallery... which was the opportunity to do a beaten, old joke from the internet:
It's over 9000! by Shabazik

Many thanks to everybody!

I know I'm all sort of spammy -I upload a deviation almost every 0.8 days... and then, counting all the stuff I send after into the scrapbook, it goes up to almost two "items" daily-.

Since I joined dA the 7 March 2010, I have added to my watchlist 279 deviants, and have massed a collection of over 20,000 favorites. I have posted 86 journals -87 now!-, 3,360 deviations, and 3,017 scraps, and the deviations in my gallery were viewed 13,613,146 times.

Overall, my deviations received 120,500 comments and were added to deviants' favourites 344,834 times, while I made 96,572 comments, about 32.56 comments per day since joining DeviantArt. This means that Shabazik received 12 comments for every 10 that they gave.

The deviation with the most comments is Silicon Lifeform with 325 comments -but I must recognice, only because two random deviants began to roleplay there, so I don't feel like it really counts!-, while the most favourited one is Battle Succubus Novice, with 530 favourites. The most viewed deviation is Clone soldier and Shiks with 34,538 views.

For this occasion, the great :iconalexi-c: did a splendid gift:
Hench-Girl-Fight! by Alexi-C

-I want to give special thanks to my close deviantArt friends of always! Thanks to you, I have keep working onwards on my personal projects of the fantasy World of Aiers and the Nebula of Ots, and to the commissioners who have supported for so long my hobby!-

In other news, on the Daemorian Front:


This is an emergency service announcement to all those who care:

:icondaemoria:Daemoria is opening emergency commissions to cover the veterinary medical bills that incurred to save his cat Phobos from an acute and life-threatening emergency. Please, consider commissioning this talented sci-fi artist, and supporting his mission of saving his feline friend.

Salt jungles by Daemoria
Dreaming of the End by Daemoria
Prelude. -2- by Daemoria
Hot Drop by Daemoria
Situation Report by Daemoria

Please contact Daemoria directly via note system in case you have decided to commission him - do it for the little Phobos! cat planet  
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  • Reading: The Spanish Civil War of Antony Beevor
  • Watching: Morning Fog
  • Playing: Napoleon Total War
  • Eating: Pasta
  • Drinking: Coca Cola

I was wondering... of the themes I draw in my gallery: why you came to see or watch my gallery? 

290 deviants said Fantasy illustrations
189 deviants said tied up ladies
171 deviants said Minions, mooks and henchwomen pics
74 deviants said Science Fiction drawings
69 deviants said The stories (that I never seem to end and forget always to continue)
50 deviants said military pics
40 deviants said Other reason, you want to share?
7 deviants said the rare fanart pics



Artist | Hobbyist
Chile the path of the ones who want to become better artists, storyteller... and finally get better using this damn language of english!


Doing the world a favour

Mature Content

Carmen, Sentry of Pricom by Shabazik

Sentry of Pricom : Choose your Own Adventure
This is a Choose Your Adventure proyect, where you take the role of a Sentry of Pricom, a Henchwoman called Carmen Urrejola in what you expect to be a normal day in the base working for the shady corporation of Pricom. After reading each part of the story, you are going to make choices that determine the main character's actions and the plot's outcome. 

Pricom is a creation of :iconstrangejack:.

Angie's words didn't moved the masked intruder: her (moderate) internet fame not only didn't had any effect in him leaving her go, but on the contrary, it made him chuckle, and you could imagine he was grinning under his mask.

"Who I think I am?" the man said, coming menacingly closer. "Let's say, I'm just a critic, AngieLittleBitTricky09."

...wait! This guy actually knows Angie's stupid review blog?!

"...And I would love hear your fans about this." the man added -much to Angie's shock-, before turning to you. "Cameragirl."


"I gave some instructions already" he reminded you. Quick, you took off your headphones, tossing them away, followed by Angie. "Tie her" he told you, as you picked the zipties. Meanwhile, he had picked up Angie's phone from where you had left it, and was fumbling with it.

"H-hey! Come on! I see you have seen my blog! We can talk this out!" Angie pleaded, as you two kneeled. "Maybe I can hook you with exclusive access to my premium content only for patreons? I can say your name in the aknowledgements of my next video!" she added, as you brought her hands behind her back and bound  them together, she groaned as you thightened the plastic tie "Aw! Careful, Carmen!"

"Secure her well. No matter the whinning" the man said, standing again closer. You thightened the zipties further, which as the man predicted, elicited more moaning from Angie. Then you looked up, and noticed he was now recording, using Angie's phone. You blushed.

"Hey! Leave my phone alone!" Angie said, trying to stand up, but freezing back in place as the barrel of the gun aimed at her. She pouted, and fell again on her knees. 

"Good. Good cameragirl" the masked man said. "Now, tie yourself up."

you looked him with a questioning look. "How?"

"One hand in the loop. fasten it with the other hand. Then, put your hand behind your back, and put the other hand in the free loop. Then turn around, so I can fasten and secure it."

While Angie continued to babble a mix of extraordinary deals and menaces to the masked intruder to be released, you picked up the zipties from the floor and did as told, fastening one of the loops with your free hand, and then crossing your hands behind your back, placing your hands behind your back,  and then putting the free hand in the second loop of the ziptie. Then, obediently, you turned around, presenting the masked operative your hands. Without any ceremony, he zipped the tie thight -way to thight-. You gritted your teeth and moaned as your arms were forced together, pulling your shoulders back, thrusting your breasts before you, your nipples standing out hard under the flimsy protection of the breast tapes.

Now both of you had your arms secured, and looked pathetically up to the man -who was recording your expressions-.

"You wouldn't believe how many people are watching this stream right now Angie" the man mocked, as he walked away to a kitchen counter, picking up some cooking cloths.

Angie then exploded.

"WAIT?! WHAT?! You are streaming this?!! How dare you! My fans...!" she said, standing up. The man -with the pistol now holstered- came back with the cellphone recording and the cloths on his hand, and simply pushed the ziptied Angie back to the floor.

"Your fans are loving it!" the man mocked.

Angie opened her mouth to protest, opportunity that the man seized to put the cooking cloth in her mouth. As she grunted in confussion as the piece of cloth was slipped behind her teeth, before she could spit it, the man tugged Angie's chocker up, making it into an impromtu gag, securing her mouth, muffling Angie's cries to a whimper.

"And this they would love more" he added.

"Mmppphfff!" Angie protested, as her enraged reaction was streamed live in her channel.

"Hey! I'm doing the world a favour here! I think everybody had enough of your yapping!"

Then he turned at you.

:bulletred: "Now is your turn, cameragirl!" the masked intruder said.
Internet Famous

Mature Content

Carmen, Sentry of Pricom by Shabazik

Sentry of Pricom : Choose your Own Adventure
This is a Choose Your Adventure proyect, where you take the role of a Sentry of Pricom, a Henchwoman called Carmen Urrejola in what you expect to be a normal day in the base working for the shady corporation of Pricom. After reading each part of the story, you are going to make choices that determine the main character's actions and the plot's outcome. 

Pricom is a creation of :iconstrangejack:. based on one of his pics: Internet Famous

Mature Content

E-begging by Shabazik

Mature Content

Internet Famous by Shabazik

Mature Content

Let's do some live streaming! by Shabazik

Mature Content

Heart shaped boobs for upvotes! by Shabazik

Mature Content

Clickbait by Shabazik

"Ah! Keep rolling, Carmen! There's a disturbance! If it's an intruder, we'll be sure to get a lot of hits for getting them on film! People love that sort of suspense! Oh! Maybe they'd even do an interview!" Angie said overly excited, sprinting out of the Kitchen before you could say anything!

"This is ridiculous!" you groan. If Angie doesn't get back here right now, you're going to report her for shirking her duties as a potato peeler! We'll see how cute she thinks her butt is when it's got a nice Pricom brand slapped on it! "HEY! COME BACK HERE!" you demand, going after Angie. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!" you yell to Angie as you reach her in the hallway.

She turned around and noticed, disappointed, that you weren't recording her, having left her cellphone back in the kitchen.

"Awww! I told you to keep rolling!" she complained.

"You will cut this stupidity!" you barked."Now, lets-"

A cough cut your sentence. And then the voice of a man finished it -with other words.

"Now, let's raise our hands, and remain silent".

You two turned around, and froze seeing a masked man, aiming a supressed pistol at both of you. You were quick to raise your hands, and Angie was sure to do the same.

"To the kitchen" the man said with a stern tone, waving the pistol in the direction he wanted you to go.

Completely pale, both of you marched in front of the man in a row, hands high. Once in the kitchen, the man told you two to wait by the wall, meanwhile he closed the door.

Then he reurned to you two, tossing a couple of zipties at your feet, yet never moving the barrel of his gun away.

"Toss the headphones away. Then, pick up the zipties, and tie each other, arms on the back."

You were about to do as ordered following these humilliating commands, but Angie had enough.


Who do YOU think you are, holding ME hostage like this?

I'll have you know that my review blog gets about 21,000 hits weekly, and when my fans hear about this..."

... Is Angie crazy?! Did a very moderate internet fame melted her brain?!

"Shut up! You are going to get us killed!" you hushed Angie to shut up. The man stared at you two... and then...

:bulletred: He waved his pistol. "Do I need to repeat myself? Shut up and do as told."

Captured for Interrogation

Mature Content

Carmen, Sentry of Pricom by Shabazik

Sentry of Pricom : Choose your Own Adventure
This is a Choose Your Adventure proyect, where you take the role of a Sentry of Pricom, a Henchwoman called Carmen Urrejola in what you expect to be a normal day in the base working for the shady corporation of Pricom. After reading each part of the story, you are going to make choices that determine the main character's actions and the plot's outcome. 

Pricom is a creation of :iconstrangejack:.

Like the ending option of Carmen defecting to the organization of the masked intruder, other often suggested ending is for the intruder to bring Carmen as a prisoner along...

"Prisoner 180818. Identify yourself for the camera" The voice behind the bright light ordered.

"Urrejola, Carmen."

"Full identification please."

"Urrejola, Carmen. Employee of Pricom"

"State your actual charge."

You frowned. "What? Pricom Girl? It's that an actual thing?"

You heard the voice behind the light sigh. "Security Operative. Corporate Mercenary, or Hired goon if you prefeer, assigned to the B 11 Sector". You turned around the sign you were holding for the camera, only then noticing they wrote Corporate Mercenary. That sounded way cooler and more professional than Pricom Thug or Pricom Slut-. "Don't turn over the sign" the voice commanded.

"It's a video. Why I have to hold this still?" you say, showing the sign once more time.

"Do you know why you are here?"

"Because one of your goons snatched me from my workplace?" you said, raising your shoulders

"You are here to answer questions regarding your services to Pricom."

"Who are you guys anyway? As far as I know, it's not illegal to work for Pricom, you know?"

"We are the ones asking the questions. And while not illegal to work for Pricom, as they are legitimate business, you are however legally responsable for your personal actions taken under their service. How long have you worked for Pricom?"

You thought of all the illegal stuff you have done while serving Pricom. Crap. You are responsable for that? You thought this was like the army or something, where the rank-and-file could simply go with it saying they were orders. "Uhhh... about 2 years now. Closer to 3 I think."

"How you came to work for Pricom?"

"I was fresh out of Highschool, and I contracted a credit card. Lived the big life you see. But Pricom debts are to be paid, and I didn't noticed the fine print of the credit card, so I had only two options: to pay in cash, or pay in work. As I didn't had the cash, I had to take the work." Despite it's many shortcomings and that you wouldn't recognice it to these guys, it wasn't that bad of a job in terms of payment, specially for somebody without education or experience, and while the uniforms and how often you girls were treated was demeaning, it granted as well some power to abuse, specially over dumb twits who got indebted to Pricom.

"How long is to be your service to Pricom?"

"5 years"

"What was your function in the B-11 base?"

"I don't know... guard stuff? Sometimes patrol, and others help clean up. Shit like that."

"Do you know what is being done in B-11?"

You raised your shoulders. Really you had no idea. You could guess, the voice behind the light was deciding if you were lying, or why their operatives brought along a nobody for interrogation.

"...Sooo... I'm free to go now?" you asked, hopeful.

"...What? No! We still have plenty of questions to ask!"

You groan, as you sink in the chair. This is going to take long, and god knows what they would do later to you. Would they leave you go free, and then leave Pricom find you? Jail? Something else?

You had simply no idea.

Except, that it sucks to be you.

The End.
Let's Play!

Mature Content

Carmen, Sentry of Pricom by Shabazik

Sentry of Pricom : Choose your Own Adventure
This is a Choose Your Adventure proyect, where you take the role of a Sentry of Pricom, a Henchwoman called Carmen Urrejola in what you expect to be a normal day in the base working for the shady corporation of Pricom. After reading each part of the story, you are going to make choices that determine the main character's actions and the plot's outcome. 

Pricom is a creation of :iconstrangejack:.

Mature Content

E-begging by Shabazik

Mature Content

Internet Famous by Shabazik

Mature Content

Let's do some live streaming! by Shabazik

Mature Content

Heart shaped boobs for upvotes! by Shabazik

Mature Content

Clickbait by Shabazik

Bored, you looked to the roof. Then up and down the hallway, and you decided there was on one around to boss you around, or to nag at you.

And so you decided to take out your cellphone from your boot, where you had it hidden -as it was banned for sentries to carry personal electronics in the base-.

You wondered if calling or messaging someone, but most of the girls you hang around normally are as well on duty, so probably wouldn't have their phones on themselves, so you decide instead to watch some videos.

As you opened the website, it throw at you a lot of suggestions. "UGH. I search ONCE how to put correctly the Pricom boobtapes, and now is all Pricom crap. That's what happen when you throw enough money at a search engine" you say, as you scroll across the suggestions and spam of Pricom. 

Then, you saw something that caught your attention. 

"Hey. Isn't that... eh... whatever her name is?" you saw, looking at the preview image of a video. The channel was called Pricomreviews and the girl nickname was AngieLittleBitTricky09.

Wait. Now you remember her name. Angie Blanque! That's one of the girls of the base!

Curious about this -and how you can use this material to eventually bully Angie-, you open the video, a "Let's Play!" video, where Angie was sitting in her underwear in a gaming chair. 

The first minutes seemingly was only of Angie talking to sponsors, patreons and subscriptions, so you jumped several minutes, to where it began -or so you thought-.

"...And per request of super patreon tier 2, Alexi-C, today we are going to stream some video games! Yay!
And sorry for the messy appearance! I'm doing this a Saturday, just waking up!" AngieLittleBitTricky09 said in the video. You rolled your eyes. She wasn't out of bed, as she had makeup on. Poser. 

"Now, before playing this game, let's remember the rules! Each time 50,00 are donated and I lose a live, I will lose as well a piece of clothing! And don't comment how I'm not in proper Pricom uniform this time! One, that wouldn't be fun! And hyper-patreon tier 3 Melvlo told me that Pricom french girls actually use this as uniform, so I'm not cheating! 

And per suggestion of our viewers, we are going to play an old retro game, Dark Souls! Let's see how quick I will be losing my bits of clothing! Heh heh!"

You rolled your eyes again, and closed the video. Begone, Toth. You can't stand that sort of thing.

Now what to do?

:bulletred: Resume your duty. 

:bulletred: Let's keep using the phone. Maybe message Jenny?  

:bulletred: Oh look! You have a missed call from your mother. What did she want this time anyway?



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it's my own fantasy setting, but while I have created it, it have become a collaborative venture, as other artists (illustrators and writers) have set stories in this world.

As well, unlike other fantasy settings where isn't very visible technological progress, I have tried to make it more visible. extremly general terms, that's it.

: U
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So far had 4 notes, 2 very against and very supportive of Trump. Better for them ro share their views only with me, than firing at each other and me trying to mediate a foreign conflict everybody is very vocal about!

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