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Commission information:

Referential prices:

COMMISSION: DRAWINGS, Linearts and Graphite Greys

15 USD: "Chibi", distorted character LINEART.
20 USD: simple Character bust/face, no background.
25 to 35 USD: more complex works focused around a single main character, in black and white or graphite greys. (there may be secondary characters, and backgrounds... again, price depends of complexity.
35 to 40+ USD Referential price for a more complex scene, with more than one character interacting, more complex backgrounds, etc etc. Price it's only referential, as depends of complexity.

(To more complex commissions -depending of themes, characters, difficulty, number of characters, poses, perspective, complex or tedious armor, blah, etc, designs, more complex backgrounds, archicectural commissions and landscapes, etc- the price will be determined for complexity)

- In principle, commissions are in black and white, hand-draw, as I'm not allways avaible for colouring or digital colouring .
Therefore: Ask for avaibility! And In the case that the commissioner wants a coloured drawing, I consider this a second commission, paid in an independent way. The Price will depend on the complexity!

I must add, I'm not much of a colourist at hearth!


:bulletred: All commissions are paid via Paypal. Normally I prefeer to be paid once I have done the commission or a WIP of it. (I don't like being paid beforehand)

:bulletred: My prefereed contact method it's with notes in deviantArt.

:bulletred: I don't draw things banned from dA, things I'm not comfortable drawing, comics and fan art in general (with some exceptions from work of people I know in internet, or anime/cartoons I like in my own enough to draw as well. XD)

:bulletblue: I will/may upload the commission in my deviantArt Gallery, and the commissioner can request a high resolution copy by e-mail.

:bulletblue: I reserve myself the right to accept or not a commission. This could be due theme, being busy in "real life" outside of the internet, artblock, lack of inspiration, etc... I don't know.

:bulletblue: I reserve the right to post the commissioned artwork it in my dA page, pixiv, tumblr or other internet sites operated by me with non-profit goals. As well, I reserve the right to show the illustrations in exhibitions and my portafolio, but won't reproduce the commission for profit.

Doubts or interested, send me a note!

What I prefeer to do:

- Original Characters (Fantasy scenarios for the best, then Sci-fi ones a bit less XD)

- themes I draw in my gallery as well XD


If you want to commission you, BE WARNED! I'm a hobbyst, not a professional! I draw for fun, and from inspiration.

While normally I try to follow an order between the people that commissioned me in certain order, true to be told I don't work with a schedule, but from inspiration.

I'm quite sorry then for my randomly way of doing commissions.
Aiers at the Time of the Third War of the Power by Shabazik
UPDATE: First entries to the contest, added!
UPDATE 2: More entries/ Birthday gifts! Many thanks to all!
UPDATE 3: More entries! Remember, there is time until the 29 December 2018!

The World of Aiers isn't anymore what had been, as for a third and final time, the Confederation of the Free Peoples -known as well for the name of their armies, the Dark Legion of Demons- prepared to wrestle for hegemony against Human, Kanov, Elf and any who stays in their way, be the Alliance of the Whide Axis, the Caliphate of the Orange Sun of Blazakhov or anybody else.

Lead since the War of the Four Black Kings by Anuktahook as right hand of the Great Demon Lord, they had for long preparing for this, carefully grooming their armies: no more only armies of flesh and bone -but their numbers of servants always useful-,but they added to their forces war golems of steel and grease, while their dark prophets extended demonic cults, to make war on an unprecedent, global scale...

Meanwhile, the traditional Alliance of the Whide Axis is shaken, for almost forty years of plagues, foreign invasions, civil wars, heressies and religious conflict, to the point that the Empire of Whide Axis, the once great High Elf empire exist almost only in name by the side of a rumped Holy Sargonic Empire, torn appart after the religious wars that were triggered by The Apostate, the Emperor turned heretic. Meanwhile, the Caliphate of the Orange Sun of Blazakhov, while still large, is bloated and weakened by it's economic collapse: from the ruins of the great powers, new nations have arose...

but will they survive the Third War of the Power, when wargolems, plate armour, early gunpowder and other innovations have made it onto the battlefield?

What about the heroes and simple people of this age?

And will they survive The Cataclysm, that last desperate act when the Holy Relic of Eden was brought to the last Lost City of Mankind, the Spire of Death, to end a war that lasted 42 years, that erased from the face of the world demons, but causing almost it total destruction of their world?



The Wars of the Power, the Wars for hegemony in the fantasy setting of Aiers are one of the main conflicts -and narrative elements- in this struggle between the Confederation of the Free Peoples, the non-human peoples led by the Demon Lords, against the humans and their allies -be elf, kanov, dwarf or others, often grupped for simplicity as the Whide Axis, but was more complex than a single faction- for the hegemony on Aiers.

In this third, final war, that lasted from the 2633 to the 2675 a.a.H (After the Apparition of Humanity), the fantasy age -and the fantasy world- of Aiers will end, giving painfully birth to the modern era of Aiers.

However, despite it's pivotal role, almost nothing had been written or done, aside some general guidelines for how this conflict was fought, where and who were their protagonists.

And is time to try to put a remedy to that.

What is this contest about?

The idea of the contest will be to "visitAiers during the Third War of the Power: this doesn't need to be an epic story of great battles and wars for the destiny of the world, but can well be the stories of small people, living under the shadow of these events: it's a chronological limit, rather than a thematic one!

Do you want to write a story of an unfortunate ozcura captive of a human mercenary army rampaging? A story of a group of adventurers, in their epic path to bring the Holy Relic of Eden to the Spire of Death? Create your own country or faction? Draw a peaceful scene on a place that have been spared of the war, or instead the Great Cataclysm? YOU DECIDE!

:bulletred: While this contest is set DURING the Third War of the Power, it DOESN'T have to be a War story or drawing!

:bulletred: You can make your own original character, characters, nations, factions and such, BUT they must be set in Aiers. While you can use some of your own existing creations from elsewhere, these must be adapted to Aiers and the context of the Contest, so please NOT simply dimension hoping, multi-dimensions and such (unless you are versed enough in Aiers to know what really are the "Demons" of Aiers... and the "Holy Relics"!)

But: What is the Fantasy Era of Aiers?

First of all, to make this clear: Aiers is my fantasy setting and world, where most of my stories are set,
The Fantasy Era is basically the Age before the Modern Age, which begins in Aiers with The Cataclysm, which reshaped the world.

And what are the Wars of the Power?

The Wars of the Power were wars for hegemony mostly between two opposing alliances: the alliance of the Whide Axis -between the northwestern aelian human, christian kingdoms and the High Elven Empire of Whide Axis, from where come the name-, against the Confederation of the Free Peoples, name given by the demons to their anti-human alliance, being known as well as the Dark Legion of Demons: however, often there would be in play other factions, or nations caught up in this conflict:

you can find more in the wiki: Wars of the Power

THIS Specific contest is set in the last one, pivotal yet unexplored Third War of the Power.

A quick helpful tip as rule of thumb for tech and maybe aesthetics: while not an exact copy of earth -because of magic, demons and such-, the technology of this time is more or less the one available in the 15th century in our own, real world!

Entries to the Contest

Each person can enter as many entries they want, and these entries can be either graphical (traditional and digital drawings, artisan crafts, photos, mixed media photomanipulations, comics, Digital renders, etc) or narrative (stories, texts, poems, etc). There is no limit to the content -except of course, of same limits of deviantart.-

Personally, I like the mix of graphic + narrative, as seen in most of my gallery... but each one have his own style!

The entries MUST be in deviantart and not in other internet sites (personal blogs, tumblr, facebook, furafinity, etc, etc) and they should be done for the contest.

To make an entry, you must post a link to the entry to this journal, and I will add there the thumbs of the existing entries.

The entry must be a new work, done for this contest.


The contest will run from the 29 October 2018 to the 29 December 2018 (but normally I hold these things thinking in my birthday on the 29 November -30 years!- but I took too long to decide and post the contest! But would be awesome to see some entries by then!)

Winners, judges and prizes

I'm going to give as prizes drawing requests -under the same restrictions that the commissions-! -yay!-
and as well, features in journals. -I'm so, so cheap!-. 

To determine the winners, I will be despotic, and I will be the only one to determine the winners. I will do this instead of polls, votes and juries, because I have seen some problems related to this on deviantart.

There will be prizes for:

-First Place for the awesome awesomer awesomeness. As I'm the judge, I'm afraid I'm subjective. This prize can be digitally coloured, or manually, if the winner prefeer over lineart, along with 4000 "dAri" Points dAPoints.

-Drawings/illustrations/paintings/graphic work in general For the graphic entry I think is the better from the completely subjetive point that is my judgement. 3000 "dAri" Points dAPoints.

-Narrative for the best narrative -written or in comic-, again, from my subjective point of view. 3000 "dAri" Points dAPoints.

Best of...
... Making an original faction of Aiers!
500 "dAri" Points dAPoints.
... Battles, combats or Wars! 500 "dAri" Points dAPoints.
... the Cataclysm! 500 "dAri" Points dAPoints.
... not-war-related entries 500 "dAri" Points dAPoints.

Attention! An entry can win more than one prize so they can be acumulative.

As well, I make a call and ask for people, that are willing to "donate" prizes to make the contest more interesting -such as requests and such- to please do so!

If you are willing to help, you can choose to which prize you would want to "cooperate". thanks in beforehand!

The Entries:

:iconlygen1000::iconlygen1000: [Aiers] Crypt of Dume - Part 1~ A.a.H. 2665, 10 years before the end of the world
A gentle breeze blew from the northeast, bringing with it the scent of fire and ruin. Only a thin screen of woods hid the source from sight: the duchy of Hanovian was burning, and as its smoke rose into the evening sky, Don Jaime, knight of Sargos, could feel how close his quest was to disaster.
Before him lay great works of earth and wood, built not for fortification, but to divert the course of an entire river at vast cost of manpower and time, exposing a long section of the riverbed to open air. A great effort that would have been impossible with the demands of the War, but for the refugees who crowded the land, fleeing ahead of the advance of the Dark Legions in their push south.
These extra hands had allowed the task to be completed just in time, for the soldiers and workers who could be spared for their camp had been far too few... and Jaime could only pray that God would forgive him for allowing the refugees false hope. Though
[Aiers] Crypt of Dume - Part 2[Continued from Part One]
"The Legions are pressing their advance hard. Ozcura raiding parties, backed by werewolves..." Knight-Brother Thaddeus was saying, as he and his two companions had joined the rest of the group in the tent. "They are all the way down the Barlans River to the sea. 'tis a complete disaster up there, my lord, there are no two ways about it." The man ate between sentences, from a great wedge of black bread that was all they had at hand to eat so late at night, and he consumed it with grim determination; for all men who have been long on campaign learn the skill of taking a meal when the chance arises, even if their hearts are not in it.
The Knight-Brother of the Holy Order of Nortender was a hefty man, with a wide face and a broad mustache that seemed to have far more volume than the entirety of the close-cropped hair on his head. Sometimes Jaime suspected the man's teeth were just slightly too sharp, for he had heard the tales of Nortender's heresies, and how the
[Aiers] Spoilz of war[A story of the World of Aiers]
~A.a.H. 2675, 2 weeks before the end of the world
"Full set of hornz!" the green orc crowed, as he pointed at the dice he'd just rolled on the hard-packed ground of the Dark Legion encampment. The top of each bone-white die showed six pips painted with dark ink that glinted in the light of a nearby fire, and the sight set his compatriots to roaring with delight, slapping each other on the back. Orcs might not be very good at math in general, but after even a short time in the field, they became very, very good at counting dice, and even a rusty-armored forager like this one knew how to count at least three dice high. Pairs of pips on the dice were always named after demons of some kind, and the more horns, the better, because demons were the best, and besides, demons were in charge. And six pips was a 'set of horns' or a 'divine', a powerful demon, which made rolling a six on all three dice in the game the best possible roll in any of the many dice games
:iconthormemeson:thormemeson : The Legend of the Red Eyed WarriorThe Nortender castle had stood for centuries serving through 2 holy wars. Withstanding the hordes of demon lead Orcs. As many of the people either human or various half breeds went about their business. Alex had could only wonder if he could remember what they were doing as he came to accept his position as a knight.
“Ah acolyte Alexander you are the person that we so happen to need to see." Brother Leo said looking up from his paperwork.
Alex kneeled before the wooden desk expecting Leo to stand and present him with a knighthood. Leo cocked his head to the side and sighed, “Oh I am sorry Acolyte Alex, knighthood into our Holy Order won't happen. I brought you here to explain the actions, or well the actions of your little raider group.”
“Excuse me what do you mean my group’s actions? We have slain several Orc and demonic attacks. All before they ever gained traction into our lands,” Alex shouted in stunned anger.
“Oh then explain all those bas
:iconempress-of-ravens: : Shazeer'ah Shorts: Cataclysm    Shazeer'ah looked out over the ruins of some kind of human built structure from the sky age. It was awe inspiring in more ways than one. Certainly the stark simplicity of the tower at the heart of the compound was a sight, but so was the amazing number of bodies that littered the ground around it. It made for an almost perfect ring around the compound that denoted an effective kill zone. Shazeer'ah was determined to not cross that line and wind up like so many others.
    She turned from the sight and returned to her command tent at the heart of the mercenary encampment. Ever since she'd formed the Dune Ravens Mercenary Company in Kalhari, it seemed like her grandmother would always find the money to hire her, despite the high prices. And right now, Yu'Anda was in the command tent looking over a map of the area, and one that Shazeer'ah had no idea how it had been produced. Yu'Anda was still being tight lipped about a number of things. Which w
:iconNeomixComic::devNeomixcomic: : Contest Comic Page 01 by NeonixComic Contest Comic 02 by NeonixComic Contest Comic 03 by NeonixComic Contest Comic 04 by NeonixComic

Mature Content

Contest Comic 05 by NeonixComic
Contest Comic 06 by NeonixComic Contest Comic 07 by NeonixComic Contest Comic 08 by NeonixComic Contest Comic 09 by NeonixComic Contest Comic 10 by NeonixComic Contest Comic 11 by NeonixComic Contest Comic 12 by NeonixComic
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I want to do a contest for the 29 November, but I doubt about the theme... in big thematic: what would you prefer? And what contest idea you have? Comment! 

205 deviants said Fantasy era contest of Aiers
103 deviants said Science Fiction of Nebula of Ots
73 deviants said Modern age of Aiers contest
21 deviants said Other idea, you would comment?



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Chile the path of the ones who want to become better artists, storyteller... and finally get better using this damn language of english!


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Not so though now, eh?
Pricom is a creation of :iconstrangejack:

"Not so though now, eh?" the man whispered in her ear. "Despite all the tattoos, bad attitude and trash talking of your colleagues, remember... you went down, just like them"
Naughty by Nature
An edit done the November 27, 2018 for :iconNaughty-b-Nature to colour for my birthday, that was a couple of days later.

The drawing itself was done the 2016 for the 2.000.000 pageviews, and while I told myself I was to colour it... well... I hadn't


Naughty Colours:

Captain of the Chapter

Mature Content

Oh what shall we do with the funny little thing? by Shabazik

"Hey, that's her?" hushed one of the new conscripts of the Fourth Banner of First Legion of the demonic city of Khar-Bad, one of the ozcuras that had been pressed into duty as the Dark Legion was being reformed. She pointed out one ozcura in a chainmail bikini, giving orders to the leaders of the routiers -the Merry Circus of Reevan- who supported the 4th Banner.

Her comrade nodded, as she fixed the straps of her shield on her back. 

"Yes, that's her. Layla the Slayer. Captain of the Chapter of the Chainmail bikini Warriors of Khar-Bad. She's the first Ozcura to reach that rank!" Normally, the Sisterhood of Chainmail bikini warriors hadn't took in their ranks many grey orcs, and often only in subsidiary roles. Layla had raised from the ranks, as she came under service of their demon-Lord, the Demon-Ozcuro Prince Ashmadael, who had been granted by the Sisterhood the right to open a chapter of the Chainmail Bikini Warriors in Khar-Bad, being Layla one of the founders and trainers of the chapter that now trained mostly ozcuras as warriors for Ashmadael: by her service to Ashmadael, she had become the Captain of the Chapter, and of the first company of the 4th Banner:

and as was rumoured, with their demon-lord Ashmadael remaining in Khar-Bad, along with his steward, Vitold, she was going to be the highest ranking officer of the 4th Banner -being an Ozcura!-

While many of the grey orcs of the 4th feared Layla for her fame, many feel very proud, for how high an Ozcura like themselves could rise.

"Is true, Ashmadael had choose her as one of his own Ozcuras? Of Ashmadael's own herd?"

"Yeah! Isn't she awesome?!"

Mature Content

Layla meets Amphy by Shabazik
Sorry! That was an instinctive response!

Mature Content

Carmen, Sentry of Pricom by Shabazik

Sentry of Pricom : Choose your Own Adventure

This is a Choose Your Adventure project, where you take the role of a Sentry of Pricom, a Henchwoman called Carmen Urrejola in what you expect to be a normal day in the base working for the shady corporation of Pricom. After reading each part of the story, you are going to make choices that determine the main character's actions and the plot's outcome. 

Pricom is a creation of :iconstrangejack:

Sylvia is a character of :iconidorojustice:.

...crap. Did you really just used your comrade as a shield?!! That's so mean!

"Sorry! Sorry! I didn't mean to do that! That was only an instinctive response! Survival instinct, you know? Right?


She was knocked out. You looked up.


Now you were alone against that brute of an intruder!

:bulletred: Drop Sylvia and run away!

:bulletred: If you want to survive this ordeal, is time for raising hands and surrendering!

:bulletred: Leave Sylvia drop from your hands and stand there with a dumb expression in your face doing nothing

:bulletred: No time for feeling bad! Seize the opportunity Sylva gave you, and attack the intruder now!



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Happy Bday by Arnilo
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So I leave you: a character of you choosing (that could be part in Aiers), in military gear of the low middle age / early modern period that fits my "Third War of the Power" of Aiers!

Situation and character on your choosing of course : D
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