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Hymn to Eternal Frost

Everything is as usual
a) Luna is never too much
b) the naming is after a soundtrack
Once in a blue moon I've managed to make a sketch which I'm not ashamed to look at. Hope, discretization didn't spoil it too much. While sketching a rouch I've looked through a lot of that headwear's variations. This one - with dark elements and black feathers - is the one I liked the most. I think it fits Luna-chan very well. It begs the drawing of light-dressed Molly besides, but I think I'll do that next time. 
English translation by Nans.

Все как обычно: а) Луны много не бывает, б) название взято из музыкального трека.
В кои-то веки сделал скетч при взгляде на который почти не стыдно, надеюсь, при оцифровке не слишком испортил. Пока рисовал роуч, пересмотрел кучу вариантов исполнения этого головного убора и очень понравилась его версия с черными перьями и всеми темными элементами. Мне кажется, Луняше все это очень идет. Напрашивается сделать в пару этой картинке еще Молли в светлом, но это как-нибудь в другой раз.
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название взято из музыкального трека
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Это один из лучших артов, что я знаю. Вообще. Автор, спасибо тебе. Это прекрасно.
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Tribal Luna is tribal.
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The only reason why people dont like the head dress is because it represents native culture, and as a native im not offended by it though. Another reason is that a headress in my culture is worn by the cheif, or a member of the tribe of a high status ^~^ to me though i think its lovely
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This picture is my BFF+YOPGAWTUROPV!!!
By the way, is it alright if I print this out to hang on my wall?
This is amazing! Words simply cannot express the beauty of this masterpiece. I congratulate you. 
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LOVE this!! It's so well-done that it seriously looks like a PIRL! Amazing work!
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Great chief of the Night.

Wonderful work
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I am dizzied by it's beauty!
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I like the texture of the headwear. 
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I was wondering where this was's been the wallpaper on my phone
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This is my ultimate favorite pony picture. It's been my wallpaper for months. (:
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I dont know what to say its magnificent!
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Thanks a lot! ^^ 
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This looks so OMAM XD 
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very creative, almost realistic
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