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Soon my D&D/Pathfinder group is going to be starting a new campaign and for it I will be playing a Halfling Cavalier specializing in mounted combat. I have spent alot of time developing the personality and backgroup for the character and I would like to share.

As I said she is a halfling cavalier and her name is Prinnie (yes the name was inspired by the Prinny from Disgaea because I think the name sounded cute) she is not your typical halfing by any streach of the imagination due to an incident with a group of goblins and a knock to the noggin she suffers from amnesia and Don Quixote syndrom. She truly believes with ever fiber of her being that she is a knight princess who was fighting a "great evil" and during the fight she was curse to the form of her halfling and now much travel the land to defeat the evil and restore herself to her "true" form.

She is loyal and couragous with a compassionate heart and holds to the code of chivarly (which will more than likely become a burden from time to time since not everyone plays fair). She also has a deep seeded fear of large bodies of water that she cannont explain (due to the amnesia) and wearing fullplate armor doesn't help.

The funny thing about this character is the thought process my mind went though to get to the final idea. First I wanted to do a Don Quixote type character a little on the derpy side, then I came up with the idea of a mounted gnome using a bastard sword (since a small sized creature riding a medium mount can go almost anywhere a medium creature can and also I saw :tabbykat: 's Spiral Knight riding Rainbow Dash and wanted a pegasus pony mount too...I know I'm bad). The next step it took was expanding on the Don Quixote idea in which I thought it would be interesting for her to have amnesia and think she was some famous knight or something like that (my friend sugguested thinking she was a princess) so I ran with it. I later changed her to a halfing since I had never played one before and added in her being adopted by a semi-famous human bard who told her VERY old epics about a Knight Princess who defended her land (which is where her delousions blossomed from). I also changed her weapon choice to a lance after making the character design on SoulCalibur V's character creator and used Hilde's fighting style (moral of the story my train of thought is a transformer with ADHD because it derailed turned into a plane an flew off).

All in all I believe she will be a fun character to play and see how her delousions play out in the story line and if she gets her war pony to become a pegasus. Oh and one last thing I spent well over 10 hrs on SCV character creator with her character design which I have the base design on my gallery and I will upload the final product within the next few days.
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