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Draw me like one of your french mares


Little pip was made by Zacatron94
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Glimmering Gloom: I'm French! XD
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oh my goodness littlepip...... 
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Heh, nice one.
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Man, even in fanfics the main protagonist is eventually so loved by fans, they want her to . . . . . . . well, you know what I mean. I'm almost affraid to add a female character in MY stories. Anyway, nice work
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Ha ha yeah, little pip is quite popular (insert innuendo).
And thanks :3
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Your welcome,

And since I already mentioned I work on my own story, any chance you know any Fallout Equestria artist who would vector some of my characters if I commission it?
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You're writing your own FoE story? What's the premise?
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Just a bunch of new characters having a bunch of adventures in the Wasteland in the events before the main story by Kkat. Anything unique? Exploration of what Ponykind has been reduced to in regard of morality. Also, usage of a few new places and characters that appeared in Season 5 of MLP. See for yourself if you're  interested:…
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Forgive me for saying this, but... This sounds generic. I'll check out the story, but from the way you briefly described it... I'm not sold... Sorry.
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Don't be.

I'm not trying to sell you. I write those stories for fun, not for popularity. And those possible commissions I'm hoping for? Same reason.
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Well there's the thing. It's all good to do things for fun (I do videos for those reasons and even have been writing my own story) But you still gotta do your best in drawing some kind of interest.

Cause if there's no interest, not many people are gonna read it and this will lead to lack of advice and otherwise (Which is needed so you can improve on mistakes you make)

Get what I am saying?
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You could try hitting up :iconvector-brony: or :iconkoshakevich:
Other than that I don't know of any.
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Thanks, really appresciate it. Handshake 
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Yeah no problem.
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*Begins laughing so hard*

F**k this fandom. I'm done!

*Throws arms in the air and walks off*

(I'm being an idiot :P)
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lol, I sent this to my friend. He had about the same reaction xD
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