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[Animated] Morning Star

Wow, I didn't die. News to me.
Probably the longest I've ever spent on a single project (2 Months)
Not because it was harder or anything, but because I was unable to preview it before rendering :(

The Arts used was made by :iconinowiseei:

The character is owned by :iconxbi:

HQ Video Download:…

Song name is "Evermore"
Made by Kai Engel…
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after almost two years i still come back to your work at least one time in a month because it calms my soul, and this is my most favorite, thank you for good memories

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Aw thanks, I do love hearing that people like my animations that much.
And you're welcome :)
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I love it! So much attention to detail and atmosphere. 
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I really, really love this.
Would you consider uploading this as a wallpaper to Wallpaper engine? It would be really lovely~~~<3
UNSCPonyExpress's avatar
Awesome! Thank you~~<3
Sent the link to my friends :3
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Killer job man, seems like every animation you release has even more detail and complexity. Looking forward to what you do next!
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Thank you! This is very pleasant surpise!
Great and beatiful work! 
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Thanks, and you're welcome ^-^
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Very Nice work can't wait to see more.
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you are quite welcome, some might say I'm too free with my praise, but I have just found I'm easy to please :)
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Wow *o*
It's amazing...
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Its brilliant! the way you  show the shooting star's reflection in his eyes as well. So good : ^o^
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I too, love the music, the concept. The whole thing ^^ beautiful as usual. I miss these from you and its good to see more my friend. ;) you keep it up ok ^-^
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Thanks, I definitely have more planned. This one was just a little much for my computer to handle.
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We gotta work on getting you a BEAST of a PC like I have to help you with even more amazing projects
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The CPU does most of the work in after effects, but raw video just tears apart any CPU.
I don't really want to commit $500 (or more) to the CPU for an I9 or thread ripper.
I'm currently sitting on an I7 7700, which is more than enough for anything except rendering :P
I might upgrade when I actually have an abundance of cash, and the higher end models are cheaper.
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Awesome stuff dude! I love the music
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Thanks, I appreciate it :)
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