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Lauren H.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
It is I, the Scandelous Sarge of Sorrow - The Sauces of Semi. SGTSemiSauce yo!

I'm a freelance student artist currently working towards...God knows what. But I'm working towards it! Yeahhhhhhhhhh!



[Monster Prom OC] Marcos Atom
CREDIT TO 7thDeath ( - Creator of the text and bio templates! (…)

(( fancharacter for the Monster Prom fandom / world ))


▶ Character Info ◀

【 Profile: 】

Full name: Marcos Rosalo Medina
Nickname(s): Marcos/Marcos Atom
Species: Human, super/mutated
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He
Birthday: 5/18
Age: 18

【 Characteristics: 】

Height: 190.5 cm / 6'3"
Weight: 80.7 kg / 178 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Brown
Notable Feature(s):
➤ His mask, which he refuses to take off. No matter what. Even in the shower.

【 Personality: 】

| Loud | Excitable | Playful | Eager |Confident | ...
Marcos is a nice, good hearted boy. He loves doing what's right, and good, and just - Although he tends to prefer the more aggressive confrontations leading up to those, as they give him a chance to show off his strengths. As such, Marcos tends to wind up jumping into fights and leaping to conclusions. Which, is bad, because he often will start major brawls or conflicts on a single piece of info. But his secondary love of justice  makes upholding it the most important thing, post fighting, and he is honor bound to make right of any of his own wrongs.

【 Background: 】

Marcos isn't exactly monster born, but he IS a freak of nature. After a chemical accident in the second grade, Marcos has been gifted with extraordinary super strength, super speed, and super durability. It was a dream come true for the young boy, who'd always dreamt of being a "Superhero" like his father, until his over-enthusiastic personality began to cause problems with his more fragile peers. Since then, he's been sent adrift into more monster-esque crowds - The only crowds where he can safely co-exist with others. Of course, Marcos doesn't mind. Monsters tend to get up to more crazy shenanigans - The kind more worthy of a superhero.

【 Likes: 】

■ Eating
■ Wrestling/Rough housing
■ Comic books
■ Sewing costumes

【 Dislikes: 】

■ Bullies/Cowards
■ Scary movies
■ Quiet rooms
■ Being ignored

【 Statistics: 】

[60 points]
Smarts: 5
Boldness: 14
Creativity: 11
Charm: 7
Fun: 12
Money: 6

【 Trivia: 】

■ Marcos' parents are actually a famous TV wrestlers, but despite all his powers, Marcos still can't lay a finger on them.
■ Marcos has a comic book collection so big that it takes up a whole guest room. His favorite superhero is Atomotica, which is where the Atom in his superhero name comes from.
■ Marcos goes by his superhero name in school, which was a whole ordeal in and of itself to get through. But he forbids anyone to know of his real name.
■ Marcos learned to sew from his paternal grandparents, who work as tailors. They also taught Marcos' father to sew. Coincidentally, the reason for teaching both of them was the same - Both are reckless, and would often come to them for costume fixes.

▶ Credits ◀

Character Template © Monster-Prom / 7thDeath
Monster Prom © Beautiful Glitch / Those Awesome Guys

Corpse Groom
And finally, to end my posting spree, some corpse groom. Because I love the Corpse Bride. To death. And. I didn't make enough Corpse Bride fan art or AU art this month.    
A Little Chat
Not shown here is the explanation to who these two are but. I dunno. Use context clues, I am. NOTORIOUSLY LAZY when it comes to descriptions.


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