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Shadow Realms 14 - Marked for Death

To move past that reflection of the mortal realm and ascend higher into the Astral Reaches, those adventurers must find an astral doorway:
a shining pool, a vivid window, a mirror, or a literal doorway that provides passage into one of the High Umbral Realms.
Stepping through one takes you out of the mortal realm’s reflection. That’s where the real challenges begin.
Mage: the Ascension, 20th Anniversary Edition (Onyx Path 2015)

Busbahnhof Gelsenkirchen-Buer, Gelsenkirchen, Germany; 20:42, 29.09.2016

Song for the Moment: X-Mal Deutschland - Mondlicht (From "Tocsin"; 1984) (Song:… / Lyrics:… )

"Umarme mich
Mit deinem Licht
Mit deinem Schein

Und umarme mich
Für die Finsternis
Hast du mir dein Licht geschickt "
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