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Shadow Realms 11 - Umbral Auras

How can that happen? I call it the Rashomon effect, after the famous Japanese film and stage play of that name. Rashomon tells the story of a crime; the audience witnesses it from several different perspectives. All those stories seem equally true… which is the point. For each different person telling the story, the facts appear differently. And that’s the way reality works. You and I might share a walk in the park, but the way we experience it will depend a lot on what we expect to see while we do.
Mage: the Ascension, 20th Anniversary Edition (Onyx Path 2015)

Leostraße, Dortmund, Germany; 19:54, 03.10.2016

Song for the Moment: Mind.In.A.Box - 8 Bits (From "R.E.T.R.O."; 2010) (Song:… / Lyrics:… )

"I look out and everything's too fast for me,
And I feel there must be more,
Every day I dream of where I've come from,
Now I know I'm just an emulation."
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