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New Wave Masquerade | Cassette Cover

This is the cover to the soundtrack for my new Vampire: the Masquerade chronicle set in 1985 New York.

You can listen to 90% of the songs here, on the Spotify playlist:… (Dance Macabre - Memories and Manowar - Each Dawn I Die are missing. The Manowar song you can find on youtube, while the Dance Macabre song seems to have no internet presence whatsover. Which is sad, as it's from a great album.)

The copyright notice is an in-game spoof, crediting Onyx Path, myself and, indirectly, White Wolf (via Pentex). The barcode is just Vampire's first release date, the V20 release date and the campaign start date.

The dimensions are accurate! If you were to print this on a cassette tape cover template, you'd be able to actually use it. :) And I plan on doing this, later this week.

The Ankh and V20 logo are Copyright by The Onyx Path, the barcode was generated with a free web-based barcode generator and the moon is something I found via a "blood moon" Google Image Search. No matter how far I looked, I couldn't find someone to attribute it to. :-/
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I'd totally buy this if this were an actual product, I still have an ancient cassette player that still works. You did an amazing job with designing the cover and the choice in tracks is spot on amazing. The Spirit of VtM was definitely captured beautifully.
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Für die 80er definitiv eine gelungene VTM Playlist. I like! :D
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Vielen Dank!

Sie exisitert sogar tatsächlich als MC in der echten Welt. :) Konnte noch ein paar MCs auftreiben und mein uralter Kasettenspieler hatte einen AUX-Eingang, so dass ich von MP3 auf MC überspielen konnte. :)
Mircalla-Tepez's avatar
Oh, das ist echt cool! :D
Ich wette das bringt auf nem Spielabend Ambiente. ^^

Selbst mach ich mir auch gerne Playlists zu VTM, meist allerdings auf konkrete Charaktere oder Situationen abgestimmt um mich vorm Vampire Live auf den Abend einzustimmen. 
Deine Musikliste hier macht mir aber auch echt wieder Lust meine Truppe für unsere P&P Runde wieder zusammen zu trommeln. 
Wir haben New Orleans in den 80ern bespielt, mussten dann aber irgendwann dank Zeitmangel abbrechen...
SgtScrap's avatar
Hey. Sorry für die lange Pause zwischen den Antworten. Das Leben wurde etwas hektisch. *seufz* Aber ich habe deinen Kommentar in meinen "new messages" Ordner nicht gelösch, um nicht zu vergessen darauf zurückzukommen. :)

Und, ja. Es bringt Stimmung. Ich mag es wirklich solche Dinge Digital und auch "in Echt" zu erstellen. Für eine Vampire: the Requiem Runde vor (zu vielen) Jahren, habe ich so etwas ähnliches auch getan, und für jede Spielerin solch ein Paket erstellt: -  Jede Spielerin bekam erstmal die PDF, welche alles grob und knapp zusammenfasste. Die Damen waren alle Requiem Neulinge. Danach wurde mit jeder einzeln ein Charakter erstellt. Danach gab es das "Handout" Paket, in dem jeder einen Charakterbogen auf 180er Papier bekam, voll ausgefüllt. Dazu einen Brief vom Sire in einem Seidenumschlag mti Clansigel drauf. Und Disziplinskarten, um alles an einem Platz zu haben. Und den Soundtrack gab es auf CD für jeden, jedoch mit der Titelliste in diesem Kasetten-Inlay Format. :)

Diese Runde hielt gute zwei Jahre durch und konnte die Geschichte zu Ende bringen. Es war... Wirklich großartig. Und die Spieler von Tag 0 aus an für das Spiel zu begeistern und in die Welt reinzuziehen hat echt geholfen.

Arbeite gerade an sowas für meine hoffentlich bald startende Mage Runde. ... Sobald ich mein Deluxe Mage 20h Anniversary erhalte. Die PDF sollte bald da sein. *sehr stark hoff*
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Naja ich würde Manowar jetzt nicht als New Wave bezeichnen, ansonsten ne sehr geile Playlist! ;)
SgtScrap's avatar
Manowar sind definitv nicht New Wave, klar. *g* Aber sie sind Teil der 80s, und gerade für Brujah und Gangrel sehr, sehr passend. Man muss daran denken dass Manowar in den 80s einen... Mh... Etwas anderen "Ruf" hatten. ;)
Malkalady's avatar
Oh god, cassettes.
That's it I'm officially old.

/digs back a hole to torpor into oblivion
SgtScrap's avatar
YOU are old? *grins*

Madame, I used to actually record mixtapes to listen to in my walkman when I went to school.
Better/Worse, I actually /purchased/ singles, EPs and albums on MC when I was young. ;)

But then, I still used cassettes up until 2007 when I sold my car which still had a cassette player. *misses the old piece of junk*
Malkalady's avatar
XD I still have mixtapes around. Don't use them much now because, you know, my phone does just about everything XD

But ok you win teh old, still, the fact that I know exactly what you're talking about and me showing it to my coworkers and them be all like "wtf are they talking about ?" made me feel old :)

/teaches kids who have learnt about 9/11 in history class
SgtScrap's avatar
You have co-workers who don't know cassettes? ... Damn. Yeah. I tend to forget that now people with actual work experience have been born after the 80s. *sighs* Those things just... They sneak up on you. ;)

I had such a moment a few years ago when I played a short 80s themed "New Wave Requiem" chronicle with a few players and started off with: "No need to really explain the background, you all know it well enough from your childhood or teenage years." And then one player piped up with: "I was born in '91..."  -  I didn't know how to react for a few moments. It was one of my first, true, "I feel old" moments ever. :-/
Malkalady's avatar
Kids getting their high school diploma this year were born in 1994, bro.

I tutor middle schoolers who were born in 2001 to 2004.
They learn about the twin towers in history class,

New wave requiem is awesome tho ^^ but since I was born in 88 it rings no nostalgia at all to me. The whole "soviet" talk makes me "uh ?"

Daria should be in her thirties today. Chandler's new laptop from friends has "an amazing amount of 256 megs of ram".
SgtScrap's avatar
Heh. Yeah. I recently re-watched Friends and the computer talk there was awesomely dated. :) I also always smile when I see cell-phones as "status symbols" on 90s shows like Frasier, now that everybody and their dog seems to own a smartphone. *g*

And that "soviet" talk is pretty spot-on for me, as my parents fled communist-Poland to West Germany two years before the Berlin Wall came down, with me and my sis. Hell, I even kind of remember that I had to take some shots when I was two and three years old because of Tschernobyl. That was a wild time. My sister was born when the reactor went critical. My parents were deathly afraid that she'd be affected, as we were living in the path of the poison clouds. Makes it easy to infuse the 80s with some paranoia and fear for my players. ;)

Mmmh. 30s Daria. I don't think I ever lost my crush on her, as she was pretty much "my generation". :) (I turned 31 this April.)
Malkalady's avatar
Did you ever see the College Humor "trailer" of a live action movie of Daria, "ten year reunion" ?

I think only good SF series did keep up to technology well enough and it doesn't "feel" early to late 80's/90's in their uses and daily lives.. Babylon 5 for instance does this amazingly well.
(of course the film itself aged a bit but other than quality of the cameras...)

Daria wins. I still watch the series often enough because it helps me sleep :p
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