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Holding on to Oneself

Tränenkind - Vanishing Youth

In all honesty, having once seen a pic in this style made me want to do it myself. This was the impetus for planning that shooting day. I wanted to see if I could to it.

So I gathered plans, equipment, friends and time. And... I did it. No tutorials, no looking things up. Just a hunch about how this might work. And I was right! And finally seeing the result is so damn amazing.

I /know/ that it's a small thing. But I did it. Myself. I chose the location. I picked the tools. I made the edits. I'm responsible for this. And this feels good. Self affirming. :)

Again, a big "THANK YOU!" To
mirroredfeather , apocritaant , laeticialovegood and tsu_key1 for having been along and having been awesome and helpful and supportive. We need and WILL do this again. :)
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