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Naked Cheerleader Rubbed with Hot Sedative Jelly

The naked and spreadeagled Mila begged and begged Brandon to leave her alone, but in vain. The clinic intern had a jar of thick white sedative jelly in one hand, and the palm of his other hand that was full of the slowly dripping stuff was steadily coming toward one of Mila's huge boobs. She tried to move and turn away from Brandon, but the rubber restraints that tied her to the bed made a slow "spronnng....." sound before they brought Mila back into a full spreadeagle with a loud SNAP.

Mila was sobbing as Brandon's hand full of goo slapped against her breast, making a thick "SHLOCCKKK" sound. The stuff really was hot, like Vicks or Bengay. As Brandon rubbed a huge dose of the viscous glob onto Mila's tit and nipple, he also gently jiggled her boob, making the white syrupy stuff lazily and slowly drip off of her. "MY GOD", Mila thought to herself, "How much of this stuff is he gonna SLATHER onto me??

In protest as Brandon was sloppily fondling her, Mila came up off of the mattress. Moaning a guttural, "YUGGHHH.... (pant.... pant...)" as she pulled hard on the rubber wrist restraints, she could feel her collar tighten as the rubber cords attached from the back of her neck to the bed frame stretched. In dismay, she could hear the rubber straps start to make the "twanggg" sound that she hated so much and which meant that she'd be suddenly pulled into a wide spreadeagle position on her back any second now....
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I imagine she will be shaved and stimulated after she is gagged.

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I loooove your history, I really enjoyed drawing the illustrations :-)
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Can't go wrong with some nice jelly :D
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wow, this is interesting, what does the stuff do to her???
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This jelly is absorbed through the skin. It's a sedative, so will force her into a semi-sleep condition. You'll see in the next image!! ;)
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