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Injured Girl in Cast kept Naked to her Waist 02

The orderly came in with a neck brace. Like the typically cheery medical staff, he said, "Hi, I'm Todd, and I'm here to fit you with this neck brace!"

The injured girl writhed in bed. "Oh please.... how did I get this way? I don't remember ANYTHING! And... ughhh.... did you have to put me in this kind of cast? I feel like I'm being... unnhh... SPREADEAGLED in bed! Why am I topless, I don't want people to see my naked boobs! And my crotch... feels... yugghh... like it's been covered in sticky TAPE or something...."

Without saying a word, the orderly fit the neck brace around the girl's throat, making her moan. Before he left, he grasped her diaper, firmly pressing on it, making the adhesive stick even tighter. "I'm sorry... this is doctor's orders. I'll be back in to check on you later!" With that, he gave her two firm pats between her legs and left the room.

YUGGHHH.... (pant..... pant.....) How long am I going to have to be like this, the girl thought to herself and then tried to grind her hips again. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to STAND this.....
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