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Update: A writer has been found, thanks! I may be looking at commissions in a similar vein in the future. 

Hi All,

I’m looking for a writer for a B-movie style story set on a tropical island that’s the setting for a fictional reality dating show featuring contestants ‘randomly’ (ie selected by the producers for maximum drama/comedy/interest) paired as couples for the duration of the show. Three couples remain living in relative luxury (but far from in harmony with one another) until they begin to discover that the island is inhabited by venomous killer worms – including at least one that has grown to the size of a giant…

Obviously the story will feature a certain amount of gore and character death. The exact nature/level of brutality of the deaths will be up to the writer – there are no specific notes you’ll be given to hit - but obviously there will be a certain level of gore required by the premise (people being eaten, people being hit with corrosive venom, squeamish scenes of characters having worms crawling on them etc). The story won’t feature any kind of strong erotic content: characters having wriggly worms crawling on their body is about as far as we’ll go in that direction. None of the couples on the show are sexually involved with each other.

Out of a main cast of 6 there will be somewhere between 0 and 3 survivors: who lives and who dies will be at the writer’s discretion. If you want to have the two romantic leads make it through, you can do that. If you prefer to have only the jerk characters survive until the end, that’s fine too. Killing them all is also a perfectly valid option.

The story should be written in the third person.

Payment – I’m looking for a story at around 12,000 words, which will be paid at your usual fee.

Timescale – Ideally the full story would be completed within 8 weeks of initial payment being made, although this can be negotiated if required.

If interested, please send me a note with a sample work along with pricing details and I can provide the details of the characters and a bit more on the scenario.



MosbyRedux Featured By Owner Edited Feb 9, 2018
Sent you a note.

As a followup, concerning the "camp" style you're going for -- I think I'm certainly capable of the tongue-in-cheek stuff.  The writing sample I sent you doesn't venture into that territory, but I have a good-sized range of tones in my toolbox.
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