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Wolf Tutorial

A walk-through/tutorial of my new sculpture, the wolf:

Brief my ASS. -_- This seems to be a common pattern among my tutorials, intending to make something short and then ending up with another "huge ass tutorial".

Download for best view!

For this tutorial you will need:
- Foil
- Wire
- Wooden Base
- Paints
- Super Sculpey

Optional, but preferred:
- Sculpey Firm
- Airbrush
- Airbrush Paints
- Different metallic and wooden tools
- Turpentine

+ Crap loads of different glitter/glow paints if you're into that kind of wolves... :unimpressed:

If you haven't already, make sure to read my other tutorials first! Be sure to especially check out the Textures-tutorial, I used the hair-part to texture the fur of the wolf.

Now I'll be collecting my reward for sitting still for hours in the form of MW3.... :smoking:
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PrettySkitty16's avatar
Looking forward to clay modelling
StarSpirit5's avatar
This is KICK ASS!!! <3 it!!
Arolee's avatar
Dx You are amazing! I'm so jealous! :D
SgtMilenko's avatar
esnym's avatar
My clay is really soft and it makes it hard to make details. XD I am in awe of you.
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No wonder, add some Sculpey firm into your Super Sculpey,- this will make the clay easier to work with.
esnym's avatar
:D thanks for the tip!
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is super sculpey polymer clay or clay that you use a kiln to bake? Just wondering since I barely know what a kiln is ;)
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it's polymer clay (oil based clay) that you can bake in your own home oven.

Kiln is reserved mainly for water based clays.
eddie-cupcake's avatar
does the foil burn when it's baked?
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Nope, which is why I recommend using foil and nothing else! Foil is very easily manipulated and it has a good surface to lay clay on.
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Pretty amazing! Great work.
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You are very welcome!!
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Wow.. O_o I need to try this sometime XD It looks wonderful.
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Sculpting man, such a rewarding hobby. I tell everyone interested to try it out, at least once!
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does it matter on what clay you use? becuse while looking at these tutorials, i see everyone uses the gray clay and layers it with the beige stuff.
SgtMilenko's avatar
It's completely up to you. What people are doing when they add layers of gray clay, is they are first creating a stronger base for the details (the gray stuff is Sculpey Firm, its harder than the beige clay), and then adding a layer of Super Sculpey (which is softer and easier to sculpt details on).
richardaldana's avatar
ok, because i bought super sculpey and I needed to know.
deidaraart5's avatar
You may want to work on your fur sculpting, or more, the blending of it. Currently they look more like scales than fur (which if it were a dragon wolf, would be AWESOME) due to how separated the bunches are. Blending them more together slightly and such would probably help the fur look softer and more fur like C: The way the tutorial itself is set up is great though; very easy to follow!
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For this wolf I wanted to go with a more cartooney style than realistic. I figured over-exaggerating the fur patterns would make it easier for people to spot them. For a non-tutorial piece I would maybe go with realism (this one just simply took too much time to sculpt).
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Wow! First I scrolled through it briefly to see the progress and I was blown away. c: I went back to go and read it all. This must be quite heavy in the hand. But it's just so wow~
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Thank you! :D
Quick poll if you have the time: Do you think I should show the result first before explaining how it's done?
I've been wondering about it for a while now.
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