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Head Sculpting Tutorial

Dedicated to orange-mushroom, who asked for it but had to wait ages for it. Im sorry mate!! T-T

In my new tutorial I go over the basics of sculpting a head along with the hair.
Next requests for a tutorial are taken, and I try to avoid what happened to the last guy who asked for a tutorial....

See my other tutorials!

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so grand! thank you!
kittysmash's avatar
what kind of clay is this?
YouMakeMeFeelSoLow's avatar
I believe polymer clay, dear.
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There are better ways of doing it,-
You know, to save your time and nerves.
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Just wondering, do you use any tools for sculpting? I am currently using my hands, and it doesn't work very well XD
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I go over all the tools I use in this tutorial: [link]
I would definitely not recommend using your hands for details, as they leave fingerprints, and the amount of texture you can produce is very limited. Everyone who tries sculpting should at least have
one wooden tool similar to third one on the left, and a metallic, pointy tool like the second one on the left.
Even if you don't want to texture your sculptures, you should keep in mind that if you don't use any tools, all your sculptures will look a bit "round", since you are not able to produce holes or deep concave shapes.
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Thank you so much :) That helps a lot!
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Another great tutorial! :)
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Aww thanks mate :)
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That's amazing, but I'm curious how you get it so smooth. I use original sculpey, but I can't seem to get the model to look smooth.
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I first smooth the surface with my thumb, then with a paintbrush using turpentine, and finally I sandpaper the sculpture after baking.
The paintjob will also look more even if you get rid of all the little fingerprints on your sculpture.
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Thank you very much for your advice, you are really talented ^^
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And thank you for your kind words! :)
X-Panda-Chan-X's avatar
You're very welcome :huggle:
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I bow to your awesome sculpting abilities. This is still in such deep water for me.
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Give it a try, you'd be surprised how easy it is!
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do you think acrylic paint or oil paint would work to paint a sculpture and what could be used to make sure the paint doesnt rub off or peel off?
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acrylics if you must, but I prefer airbrush/miniature paints.
Oh and I finish of with a non-gloss varnish, it'll protect the surface but you will see no difference on the paint job. Sometimes I get confused on which areas I have already gone over with the varnish...
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ok which type of clay do you prefer cause i used something called SW48 and my sculpture for my sister's bday gift is now cracked and ruined...
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Sorry it took me a while to answer!
March straight into an art supply store and buy yourself one of these:
a.) Super Sculpey b.) Sculpey Firm c.) Sculpey Original.
Super sculpey is the best out of the three, and is easy to work with if you're not familiar with clay.
Vince-san13's avatar
i bought some Polymer clay and asked for a whole bunch of sculpting stuff for christmas :D
SgtMilenko's avatar
Good for you! :D Come Christmas, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! :)
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