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To me, I think the Pixar theory is actually one of the most interesting movie theories ever because it goes into detail of not only how all of the Pixar movies are set in the same universe, but how the events in each Pixar movie leads to the next. But with that said, I do have 1 major problem with this theory.

How are the "Cars" movies set in the 22nd century? - The theory suggests that the "Cars" movies are set in the 22nd century where all the humans have been evacuated after the planet became extremely polluted and eventually the cars died out years later due to a lack of oil. This is interesting and all. But the problem is that the "Cars" movies are set in the early 21st century and there is also evidence that the cars were also alive in the 20th century, like Doc's crash which happened in 1954 and we see footage of the crash in "Cars 3" and all the cars we see in the footage are alive. Plus, Stanley founded Radiator Springs in 1909 and when Mater travelled back to 1909 and met Stanley, he was also a car who is alive. And let's not forget that during the flashback scene where Sally told McQueen about Radiator Springs' heyday, we don't see any modern cars, same thing goes for when Mater travelled back in time, met Stanley and helped him develop Radiator Springs in the "Mater's Tall Tale" short, "Time Travel Mater". So how did Jon miss the time that these movies and shorts are set in and how did he not notice the lack of modern cars on the old times? To me, that is baffling and idiotic. Plus, why does the planet look so clean if this is supposed to be set in a post-apocalyptic future and why don't we see any WALL-E bots? And unfortunately, Jon doesn't address any of these problems.

So there, that's my biggest problem with Jon Negroni's Pixar theory.

Leave your thoughts down below and let me know if you have any problems with the pixar theory.