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Son of Whyachi BB2016 by sgtjack2016 Son of Whyachi BB2016 by sgtjack2016
This is Son of Whyachi's final look for Battlebots ABC Season 2. And here is how Son of Whyachi did.

Likely due to Warrior Clan's re-entrance into this series, Son of Whyachi was forced to compete in the preliminary melees which would decide the final four entrants into the main bracket. In its three-way melee, it faced 5-way clusterbot Creepy Crawlies and flipper UltraViolent. In the match, UltraViolent never moved, so Son of Whyachi simply spun up its weapon and began seeking out its opponents. It eventually hit one of the Creepy Crawlies, obliterating it and knocking it across the floor, hitting another one of the Crawlies in the process. Son of Whyachi then hit another part of the clusterbot, ripping it open and causing smoke to pour out of it. It then began attacking the immobile UltraViolent, knocking it around a bit but not doing major damage, before both inactive robots were counted out. Son of Whyachi won the match by KO at 1:16 and advanced to the round of 48, where it had a rematch with Chuck Pitzer's Ghost Raptor.

Before this match, Son of Whyachi swapped out its wedge front for the mini wedge spikes. In this match, both robots approached before the initial hit from Son of Whyachi stopped Ghost Raptor's weapon. Ghost Raptor continued to approach but Son of Whyachi scored a big hit, sending both robots flying but not dealing much damage. After another big hit from Son of Whyachi, Ghost Raptor finally got its weapon back up, but one of its two front wedge skirts became jammed backward, leaving its blade unable to spin. Ghost Raptor then started having drive problems as its right side drive chain was twisted. Son of Whyachi's minibot got underneath Ghost Raptor, leaving Ghost Raptor unable to move and allowing Son of Whyachi to strike again. The first of Son of Whyachi's hits did little but the second strike sent Ghost Raptor flying, rendering it immobile. Ghost Raptor was counted out, leaving Son of Whyachi to win by KO. This win put Son of Whyachi into the round of 32 with its No.6 seeding, where it faced the No.27 seed Poison Arrow.

Son of Whyachi and Poison Arrow managed to get their weapons up to speed. Poison Arrow turned and took out Son of Whyachi's minibot as Son of Whyachi advanced. Both robots eventually collided and Son of Whyachi was sent flying into the wall, where it stopped moving, as the impact had knocked out its receiver. Poison Arrow continued to attack Son of Whyachi while it was being counted out. Poison Arrow won by a surprising KO at 58 seconds and Son of Whyachi was eliminated from the tournament.:sad: 

After Son of Whyachi had finished competed in ABC season 2, the body was put up on ebay because the team is building a new body in anticipation of a third season. There were 75 bids among 22 bidders for ten days until the chassis finally sold for a whopping $1,525.

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September 21, 2016
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