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Rumble: BITE FORCE vs WITCH DOCTOR VS WRECKS. by sgtjack2016 Rumble: BITE FORCE vs WITCH DOCTOR VS WRECKS. by sgtjack2016
This is the televised non-tournament rumble between "Last Season" robots.

Bite Force and Witch Doctor decided to leave Wrecks alone and fight each other. After Wrecks got moving, Bite Force landed some hits on Witch Doctor, sending Witch Doctor in Wrecks, allowing Wrecks to tear off Witch Doctor's front left armour plating. Witch Doctor tries to attack Bite Force but ends up hitting Shaman instead, causing Shaman to explode. Witch Doctor then found itself between Bite Force and Wrecks, Wrecks tore of Witch Doctor's left front wheel and self-righting mechanism. Bite Force then proceeded to flip Witch Doctor backwards into Wreck's blade, thus sending Witch Doctor flying out of the arena. Bite Force then proceeded to attack Wrecks where Bite Force's right wedge is torn off and flips bot robots upside down and Bite Force decided to use the arena barrier to right itself, though it took multiple attempts to be successful. After taking out what was left of the still mobile Shaman, Bite Force turned to hit Wrecks multiple times, causing smoke to pour out of Wrecks. Bite Force hit Wrecks once more and nearly got it out of the arena but Wrecks managed to get out. However, it was too late as Wrecks was counted out, giving Bite Force the victory by KO. - Written by a fandom user.

Credit to 
BattleBots Update for taking this picture and I'm sorry that I couldn't fit Shaman into the title.

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November 1, 2016
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