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Round of 32: STINGER T.K.B. vs MEGA TENTO. by sgtjack2016 Round of 32: STINGER T.K.B. vs MEGA TENTO. by sgtjack2016
Before the match began, Lisa moved Mega Tento's spinning drum from inside the shell to the rear of the bot. Also, Stinger added a minibot called Flicker to join it as well as going back to having six wheels after fighting Nightmare in the round of 48. The match started out poorly for Mega Tento as it was being pushed around the BattleBox by Stinger and it lost an eye after getting hit by the pulverizer. Mega Tento continued to attack with the drum and Stinger tried to flip Mega Tento over but was unsuccessful. Stinger pushed Mega Tento into the wall, bending the sandbox shell. Mega Tento eventually escaped and it managed to smother Stinger, but Stinger started burning its shell with its flamethrower. Mega Tento backs away from Stinger and started destroying Flicker's wheels with its spinning drum, but it was still bursting flames onto the shell and the spinning drum. After this, Mega Tento tore off one of Stinger's wheels. Mega Tento got its spinning drum underneath the left side of Stinger and flipped it onto its back. Stinger hit a seam in the BattleBox floor then tried Mega Tento again but to no avail once more. Mega Tento managed to send Stinger flying but neither robot was able to do much before time ran out. Mega Tento won on a close controversial 2-1 judge's decision and advanced to the round of 16. - Written by a fandom user.

Credit to 
BattleBots Update for taking this picture.
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October 31, 2016
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