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Infamous Animations: Wonky Whistle by sgtjack2016 Infamous Animations: Wonky Whistle by sgtjack2016
AKA bad Thomas episodes.

Show: Thomas The Tank Engine/Thomas and friends
Season: 15
Episode: 17

Writer(s): Neil Ben
Director(s): Greg Tiernan

Yep, this is the wort episode of the entire series. But why is is the worst? Here's why.

First off, the episode has too much rhyming and alliteration like a lot of the episodes from the Nitrogen era, but this episode has a total of 54 rhyming and alliteration and it immediately feels annoying.

Then there is Thomas. WHAT HAVE THE WRITERS DONE TO HIM?! First off, the writers make him look incredibly stupid by leaving the steamworks while his whistle is being fix, thus, 2 work men are on top of him when he moves, so he almost KILLS them! And as the animals are being loaded onto his van he leave while the workmen close the door, so he almost kills him as well. Even as the animals escape, Thomas doesn't even notice, nor do his driver or fireman and when he finally finds out, it feels incredibly insulting. He should have been punished by the fat controller, but instead, the fat controller congratulates him, yes he did find the animals but he is the one whole lost them in the first place. Also the "Special" special thing is stupid the other characters don't care either. Victor and Kevin don't try to stop Thomas, Bertie doesn't try his best to tell Thomas and the humans don't do much either.

This episode does have a few good things like the animation, the voice acting and the music, but those things alone won't save this atrocity. the story is unrealistic and the characters act nothing like they are supposed to do.

This is one of the worst episodes of the whole show and I don't recommend it.

Cringe-Inducing Audio: 9
Cringe-Inducing Visuals: 0
Lackluster writing: 10
Annoyance: 10
Disturbing Content: 7
Unnecessary Cruelty: 0
Rancid Morality: 10
Low Production Values: 2
Unfortunate Implications: 10
Character Derailment: 10

Final Score: 68/100

Thomas and friends is currently owned by Andrew Brenner.

Infamous Animations is owned by ShogunGino.

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June 19, 2016
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