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Battlebots-ABC season 2 Warhead. by sgtjack2016 Battlebots-ABC season 2 Warhead. by sgtjack2016
This is Warhead upgraded with dinosaur shaped clamping jaws fitted with a flame-thrower. And here is how Warhead did.

Warhead's first match in Season 2 was against The Obwalden Overlord and it used the new T-Rex jaws. The fight started off great for Warhead motors as Obwalden Overlord was rather sluggish around the box with one arm dragging uselessly on the BattleBox floor. Warhead made full use of this and grabbed The Obwalden Overlord's working arm, blasting it with the flamethrower. After several more grabs on The Obwalden Overlord, Warhead caused its opponent to start melting and set the upper part of Obwalden Overlord on fire. Warhead continued to attack its crippled opponent and even toppled it over before Obwalden Overlord was counted out. Afterwards, fire extinguishers had to be used to snuff out the fire off of The Obwalden Overlord. Warhead won by KO at 2:59 and advanced to the round of 32 with its No.23 seeding, where it faced the No.10 seed Complete Control.

In this match, Warhead sliced into Complete Control, sending itself flying and leaving Complete Control to drive in circles. For several seconds, neither robot made contact as the impact stopped Warhead's spinning dome. Eventually, Warhead got its dome working and back up to speed and tore into Complete Control again, leaving a gash at the front. Warhead struck Complete Control again, this time sending itself upside down and leaving Complete Control unable to move due to its drive system becoming jammed. As Warhead made this hit, it fired the wing mounted flamethrower, resulting in Complete Control being set ablaze. Warhead attempted to right itself but ended up onto its spinning disc right before the killsaws popped up, where it again made contact with Complete Control. Complete Control was counted out and Warhead won by KO at 1:26. This win put Warhead to the round of 16, where it faced the No.7 seed Minotaur.

Before the match, Warhead opted to go for its classic spinning dome. When the match started, Warhead made contact with Minotaur but no damage was done. However, on the second collision, Warhead's weapon separated from the body and landed on the arena floor. Warhead continued to move but eventually was knocked onto its side under the pulverizer where it couldn't self-right. Warhead was counted out and Minotaur won by KO at 1:11, marking the very first time in Battlebots history were Warhead lost a fight by a knockout. This meant that Warhead was eliminated from the tournament again.

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June 1, 2016
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