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Battlebots-ABC season 2 Nightmare. by sgtjack2016 Battlebots-ABC season 2 Nightmare. by sgtjack2016
Here is Nightmare, upgraded with rotating arms so that it is now fully invertible, new wheel guards and double-headed teeth. And here is how Nightmare did.

Nightmare's first fight in Season 2 was against Stinger. Both robots went straight at each other and Nightmare ripped off one of Stinger's wheels, causing sparks to fly in the process. The two robots sparred on one side of the BattleBox for a while, but eventually Stinger got underneath Nightmare and flipped it onto its back. Nightmare couldn't self-right as one of the sensors for the self-righting arms had broken loose and was given a false reading. As a result, the pin on that side couldn't be removed. Stinger tried to help, but Nightmare was already being counted out and Stinger got the win by a quick KO at 44 seconds. After the match ended, an autographed piece of Stinger was given to Jim as a souvenir. Despite being eliminated in the round of 48, Nightmare was awarded one of the eight wildcards and was given the No.25 seeding and was drawn against the No.8 seed and crowd favorite Icewave

As the fight began the two robots went at each other and as their weapons collided, one of Nightmare's drive belts for its weapon got sliced off by its own weapon which also damaged the frame in the process, as Nightmares blade came into contact with Icewave's blade again Nightmare lost its right wheel guard and the wheel itself got bent, Nightmare is unable to get its blade spinning properly because it was touching the ground due to the frame being damaged on the first hit and Nightmare lowered itself to the floor because the second impact disengaged the pins that held Nightmares driving arms in place, As Jim tries to get the arms back in place, Icewave proceeded to tear off Nightmares left wheel guard. Suddenly, Icewave stopped moving due to radio interference and Nightmare tried to attack them again, but the blade couldn't spin properly due to being too close to the floor and its speed controller burnt out rendering the blade immobile. Jim decided to drive Nightmare around to prove to the judges and referees that Nightmare was still mobile. After that, Nightmare got back to the blue square where it proceeded to do a victory dance as Icewave got counted out. Nightmare won by KO at 48 seconds and advanced to the round of 16, marking the teams first victory since season 4.0, where it faced the No.9 seed beta in a rematch dating back to the firstBattleBots event.

For this match, Nightmare swapped its totaled self-righting arm mechanism with a new pyramid-shaped shield dubbed the "beta Blocker" in an effort to shield Nightmare's delicate electronics from beta's hammer. When the match began, both robots circled each other before Nightmare got the first hit, sending beta flying and removing the beta Blocker from Nightmare's back. beta continued to try and maneuver but Nightmare was able to keep its disc facing beta and disabled beta's weapon motor. Nightmare continued to attack but beta got underneath Nightmare and pushed it around, eventually flipping Nightmare over. Since Nightmare had no self-righting mechanism, it was unable to move and was counted out with 1 second left in the match, eliminating it from the tournament again.Angered 

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June 1, 2016
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