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Terran Marine Final

I've finished texturing everything. And I'm pretty happy with what I made. I think I'm gonna leave this alone for now. I still have to re-learn rigging because I seriously need to improve on that area. Plus, I can't wait to start on a new model. It's already in my head ;)

Made in 3ds Max in a time period of approx. 1 month.
Textures made in Photoshop
Texture maps used: 137
Polygon count: 2.4 million
Rendered in Mental Ray
Additional credits:
The Army Girl logo at the Marine's left shoulder pad is courtesy of :iconillmindedchild:
Image details
Image size
1648x2880px 2.65 MB
© 2009 - 2021 SgtHK
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what are the point of the rocket boosters on the top?
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As a matter of fact, those _are_ "rocket boosters". They aid in helping the marine move forward.
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Those are exhaust vents
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I always wondered what those are, is it for an engine that runs the suit?
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Yes, it seems :D
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lol I like your works btw :3
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Incredible work! Perhaps Blizzard will hire you. :)
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awesome work!!
"Hell, it's about time." About time I found this anyway.
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very well!!!wonderfull...congratulations
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Magaling tsk....
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Imo this looks really really nice, I've been studying in 3D for a little bit and I find this an inspiration. The only thing I have to point out is that in a realistic machine, saying if this would actually exist.. The paint scrapping would not be the same pattern, in the same spot, on the other side of the body, or simply flipped.

It would be in different areas, in different designs, since it is highly unlikely anything that would cause paint scrapping and wearing, or damage in general, to hit the exact same spots on both sides of the body, causing the same effect on both sides.

I just want to give a little tip, Not saying it looks bad or anything, better than I could do at the current time. I just want to pass on some cnc to help you improve in your designing.
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Damn you! Now all I can see is the patterns :(
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very nice work!!! tons of props!
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where did u get the references for this? ie... the schematics for the suit?
I just hear "You wanna piece of me, BOY?!" :)
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This is the most EPIC StarCraft model I have ever seen! The marine armor has always fascinated me, and seeing Tychus Findlay's armor being attached to him really gave me an awesome insight as to how it functions. The only thing I can't get past though is how the legs work, because if you scale a real human into the armor, the legs would also need extensions just like the hands do inside the suit. From the outside it almost seems to make sense for the operator to pilot it sitting down like a micro-mobile suit. If you were able to model a cutaway of the armor, that would be an AMAZING look inside to see how the operator of the armor is actually situated!! :)
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Unfortunately this won't be possible. This model doesn't contain any of the interior of what such a suit would actually contain. So you can't just cross section it and see the inside. He'll have to actually already know what the inside looks like and then manually model it himself.
IS there anyway you can get these models into garry's mod?
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Featured in my latest journal :)
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This is fantastically intense.
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WOW!! Love it!
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