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Terran Marine Face

By SgtHK
The man inside the machine.

I wanted to render him in full body with the face visible but my PC lacks sufficient RAM to do so. Oh well...
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The Army Girl logo at the Marine's left shoulder pad is courtesy of :iconillmindedchild:
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Hey, I wanna do a manip of my bro dressing like buzz lightyear... would you mind if I use this marine as a base for the armor?
Jopet5's avatar
looks like jim raynor
jlta's avatar!
Frost7's avatar
youre damn talented man,just dun have enuff machinery to do so..
pipems's avatar
Hey! This is nice! Its like a screenshot from a cinema of the game!
MotoRatilla's avatar
This is AWESOME! how much time took you to do this?? O_o
pain-designs's avatar
wow :wow:

her a animated version: [link]
MCRkid22's avatar
Fuckin' awesome detail dude.
fajararts's avatar
Love the post-fx
DaveLuck's avatar
Amazing. Completely amazing. Aside from the glitchiness caused by the software, man, it looks so real! I like how the paint on the metal is chipped and scratched; makes it look like this Marine's seen his share of action.
Kamaroth92's avatar
This is seriously awesome. A full body render would look awesome.
NuclearArbitor's avatar
well you could render in sections and photoshop together. probably your only option at this point. how much ram do you have anyway? or rather, how much does it want?
tredemptation's avatar
Amazing. Why hasn't Blizzard discovered you yet?
MMKH's avatar
Excellent. :)
thefirewarriors's avatar
Blarghin' awesome work!
Feonix-Lancaster's avatar
All the effort finally pays off. This is a tremendous render, and I actually prefer it to a full-body shot, makes it more personal and detailed, really shows off the finer points of the model.

Absolutely brilliant, as usual. I look forward to future projects and their development with great anticipation.
varsaigen's avatar
I dunno if its like this on the model, but the face seems to have bars going across it. Especially around the eyes and forehead D: It's like ribbons layed out on his face. :/
Kengara's avatar
He just fell asleep on a gridded surface or something :p
varsaigen's avatar
hmm... wonder how that happened XD
Kengara's avatar
Corduroy pillows? :p
SgtHK's avatar
Yes. Sadly, that's the artifacts created by the SSS skin shader. I don't know what causes it nor how to fix it.
varsaigen's avatar
hmm... weird :/ though... on the texture itself, I have to ask, why the milk sticker? lol Its just so random, that no one ever thinks of its existance in scifi anymore XD Looks so out of place XD (as does the "got milk" on the chest plate :P)
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