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Protoss Zealot

By SgtHK
My version of the Protoss Zealot from StarCraft

433,352 Rendered Polygons
35,045 Viewport Polygons

Made in about 10 days
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© 2009 - 2021 SgtHK
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Wonder if those weapons mounted on the Zealot's arms could be made to exist in reality for fighters and other people (hunters, guards, etc)...

It's gonna be awesome I guess.
somberromulan's avatar
A beautiful render, I love the small details like the scar over his eye and the scuffs on his armor, very well done.
showmeyouridcard's avatar
For the Artanis!
For Selendis!
ijustloveit619's avatar
What's up with the human feet?
SgtHK's avatar
What's so human about the feet? :P
ijustloveit619's avatar
If you look at the protoss in both ingame and cinematic they don't have those things XD!
Maybe he's in fashion XD! trololol
SgtHK's avatar
Yeah well I made this model 2 years before StarCraft 2. So...
darkvenom666's avatar
yeah i can use this as a favorite
SuperKingJingaling's avatar
ive been killed many a time by these damn things
moreasul's avatar
need more pylons!
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Now that I look at them, Protoss do look a bit like Predators :) And instead of being based on hunters, their based on templars :)

And the Zerg a little bit like Alien don't you think? :)

All in all, great job! :)
Codeyellow07's avatar
I would not be surprised if the Protoss and Zerg were inspired by them whatsoever. Originally the Aliens were bio-engineered by an alien race called the "space jockeys" (original names unknown) and eventually overran them = wiping them out. That explanes why the Aliens have that Giger-esque design like their creators did. (See the first movie again). Similarly, the Xel'Naga took already existing worm species and manipulated their DNA that allowed the Zerg to evolve to their current state (states? since they are always changing).

The Predators (Yautja to themselves) are an alien race whose science and technology evolved yet their primitive tribal concepts and cultural habits endured. Sound familiar? YES! YOU GOT THE RIGHT ANSWER! The Protoss are a more cerebral version of the Predators. Beings that evolved from religious templars rather than hunters and have well-built psionic abilities. Although it is mentioned they are great warriors as well.

Hope you enjoyed the info!
Take care!
ShadowShogun50's avatar
How did you do it!?
Nerub29's avatar
That's a protoss I can truly relate.

You have my vote.

Un saludo.
DurionMorte's avatar
:O what an amazing work !
so of a zergling is this supreme! like this is so win it repels fail from a five mile radius.
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I guess its best 3D zealot i'v ever seen
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My life for Aiur!
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Fu...cking...epic. Who's awesome? You're awesome.
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