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Since many people seem to like my E.V.A. 5000 (many more than I expected), I might as well submit this render I made last year. I reckon some people can guess what they are and which movie they came from.

The resolution isn't very large as it was meant to be posted on Facebook, just for novelty.

I remember making these models in just 8 hours. lol
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:icongruplz: "No I said 'dart gun'. Ohh, O.K.!" :XD:
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It was funny that Dr. Nerfario thought that the Fart Gun wouldn't have no use, especially since it's more then capable of stunning someone with it's stench.
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Looks like it would be for the next Smash Bros.
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may I use your models for recruitment poster for the radio? XD
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Hahaha, you used the AR-2 body for the Fart Gun. Very materialistic! :D
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Good eye. Haha ;D
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Hey man these look amazing, just made one myself and was wondering how you went about lighting these?
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waaaaaaaaaa so cute:)~~~~~kekekeke^^
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Completely cool. :D

The one on top must have been the one who kept getting squashed when they stole the shrink-ray. :)
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The Banana video, lol
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NICE! which program was used to make this???
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do you paint all your work?
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This isn't a painting. It's a 3d render.
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oh thats neat! iv never heard of that
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haha yes! the "dart" gun :XD:
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