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Yara found Antonio on the rooftop of a skyscraper at the edge of the city. She leaned against it, causing it to tremble, and gazed out at the buildings with him.

"Lotta size change fans here this week," she said. In the center of the city there were screams. Gunfire. Mobs milling about in anger and panic. Some cars and buses were ablaze. But for once it wasn't the result of any giant or giantess.

"Yeah, well, that's what happens when you open a can of worms," Antonio noted.

"Not following you."

"You don't know about the conference?" he asked.

"When have I ever followed social crap?"

"That's why you're so happy all the time," Antonio observed, smiling as Yara snorted in derision. "A while back somebody with nothing better to do submitted a position paper to the CGPM. They're an international body responsible for standardizing stuff. Care to guess what they proposed?"

"What does CGPM stand for?" Yara asked. "I have a suggestion, but it's rude."

"General Conference on Weights and Measures. They define the System International. SI units, if you took any physics courses when you were...uh...smaller."

"Don't try to be funny," Yara said dryly. "So they're defining some new measurement? What could it be except..." Her voice trailed off, her eyes widened.

"See, you got it," said Antonio, looking up at her with a grim smile. "They're trying to work out the proper standard units of measure for amazon, mini-giant/giantess, giant/giantess, mega, giga, tera, cosmic and such. Herding cats would be easier."

They both listened to the chaos for a while.

"Think I should go offer my opinion?" said Yara.

"Only if I get to watch," Antonio countered with a smirk.


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Hahaha. I laughed out loud at this one. I get scolded daily about not using the measurement terms correct.

Side note: I’ve loved your writing for years!

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Thanks! And, yeah, every so often I see a debate about this fly by. Just one of those goofy things people like to debate.