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"This is weird," said Roxana as she slowly spun around in one place.

"What's that?" asked Evin.

She waved her hands around, seeking words. "I mean, I've seen this stuff before: tables, chairs, lamps, bookcases. But only when I've lifted the roof off your little buildings, or torn the walls away. I've also seen tiny things like this strewn across city streets, but never this neat and organized."

Bending over she picked up a book from the floor and set it on the chair next to her. Turning around she bumped a table. The lamp on it rocked and tilted. Roxana made a wild grab for it, but only succeeded in swatting it further away. She winced as it crashed to the floor.

"How do you tinies get around in these little places?" she wondered aloud.

"Practice," Evin explained. "You don't spend a lot of time watching where you're walking, do you?"

"Not true," she replied, hopping a little after kicking a footstool into the couch. "But when I do it's mostly for entertainment. Looking to see what I'm stepping on or smashing through."

"Can work your way through this without bumping into anything?"

"Let's see."

Roxana took a deep breath and carefully wound her way around the room. Walking around the coffee table. Leaping over the footstool. Deftly avoiding the chair. It was almost perfect, except for stepping on a remote control on the floor, which crunched noisily.

"Close enough," Roxana declared.

Reaching up she removed the VR helmet from her head. The cozy little room disappeared, replaced by the downtown section of the city. It was a bit of a mess, with one building toppled over, another kicked into a cluster of skyscrapers. And she noticed she was standing on the crumpled remains of a bus.

"I can't wait to take you on a VR tour of a buffet restaurant," said Evin.

Roxana grinned an evil grin.


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