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Nicco was sad when he found he couldn't get tickets. But then he'd only recently realized where the show was produced. And since a chance trip brought him here, he couldn't really complain. However, he did take it upon himself to visit the huge building, and talking to the lobby guard learned where he could spot the cast leaving when the show was done.

With that planning complete, Nicco staked out a spot, and bringing up a radio app tuned in to the station carrying the program...

[cue theme music, sound of applause]

Announcer: "It's The GTS Show! I'm your announcer Bob Pourlespommes, speaking to you from our radio stage at the marvelous Hotel Mason in downtown Detroit. Tonight's thrilling episode: I'll Grow Where I Want, Dammit!"

Police: "Ma'am, you can't grow here."

Teagan: "I'll grow where I damn well please." (sound of her getting bigger)

Police: "If you keep this up I'll call in reinforcements!" (sound of sirens)

Teagan: (laughing) "More toys means more fun!"

Nicco was mesmerized. He trembled at the sound effects of Teagan stomping around. Held his breath as gunfire erupted. Grinned as Teagan laughed at the efforts of the police to stop her. Shivered at the sound of crowd screams, and the attempts of Teagan's friends to reign in her destructive urges.

The thirty minute program ended all too quickly. Nicco listened to the credits and wished the show was longer.

Announcer: "That was Ramsey Jones as Teagan. Brett Hahm as police #1. Gloria Weiss as police #2. Stella Paul as Lindsey. John Uller as Tim. And I've been your announcer, Bob Pourlespommes. Tune in next week for another episode of The GTS Show!"

Nicco sighed and got comfortable, lifting the collar of his coat against the chill of the autumn night. The guard told him the cast and crew would leave anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour after the show was done. He listened to the audience leaving, smiling at some of the comments he heard. Nobody else seemed to be aware of the opportunity, so he was the only one there when the cast departed.

They came out of a tiny door that he'd never noticed. None of them more then six inches tall. Some tiny cars pulled up. When he spotted Ramsey Jones Nicco called out.

"I'm your biggest fan!"

The tines stopped. Teagan peeled away from the others and approached him, looking up. She put her hands on her hips, all fire and challenge, despite her diminutive size.

"Well, you're big, but probably not the biggest," she quipped. "You want an autograph...?"

Nicco nodded. "I'm Nicco. And yes, please!"

Tearing a corner off a receipt in his pocket he bent down and handed it to her. She pulled out a pen of her own and wrote: To my biggest fan, hugs and squishes. And signed her name with a flourish.

Nicco accepted back the signed bit of paper.

"Now get out of here before I step on you," Teagan growled fondly, and headed for her car.

Nicco got that little piece of paper framed...


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I was so expecting the autograph to be made of blood, and signed on the fans themselves.

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yeah, that journal was a bait and switch. came from watching too many twilight zone episodes. sometimes just gotta mess with expectations ^^