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The Big Appeal

By sgrildrig
© 2018 - 2021 sgrildrig
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I think that the alternate title of the story should be "Hannahfield." I love this story nonetheless.
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Thanks!  I'll pass that along...  ^^
Unanswered questions. who are the gigas at the end? do they do this often? Need sequel(s) for answers.
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Those characters are people Hannah knows, and were deliberately left nameless to give her something to growl at me about...  ^^  ...and for a sequel, I will leave that in her capable hands!
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This was a very enjoyable read, like it always is, coming from you!

Hannah makes such a great giantess!
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Thanks!  And doesn't she?  
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Thanks kindly ^^
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I loved it. Lots of crunchy, smashy goodness :D
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Thanks!  When can we expect to see more creative goodness from you and/or Theo?
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I'm always working on something...finishing things is the difficult part ;)
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There was this collaboration file that's still lingering out there...
(I'll harass you into finishing something :p)
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I'm the worst coauthor ever, although I'm still interested in the collaboration. I'm sure that we could come up with some great size-related goodness :D
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Nyx struggled against the bonds holding her to the skyscrapers.
"You can go when we're done.  Okay, first paragraph..."
(bet I could get help doing this :p)
this is supremely wonderful! thank you so much! <3
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You're absolutely welcome!
Now write something from your pov to show me how it's really done!  ^^
And just in general, classic Gril with an extra warm and wonderful fuzzy familiarity to it. Worth GigaHannah's weight in gold! Moar thanks xxx
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Hahaha hahaha ha. Yep. 100% Hannah
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If I could have found a way to get a football in there I would have done that too...  :p
Well, you kinda sorta pulled off the reference....

Hannah goes to US. Grows. First thing she does is footy-throw a ferry at the feet of the Statue of Liberty. Legit!
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Wonderfully done Grildrig. The pacing, atmosphere, and playfulness was engaging-- teasing almost. The detail in all the destruction was savoury. By and by: an instant favourite.

(The ending was a nice touch; although knowing Hannah, I'm surprised you didn't have the voice say "Find a train" ;p
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