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aborigen-gts's avatar
This was amazing. I love not knowing where a story is going initially. The approach was such a welcome twist, so different from nearly everything I've seen, and so well done. This really underscores the breadth of your knowledge, great details without ever becoming clunky or heavy-handed. The pace is great, the tension builds perfectly with a very subtle hand... I thoroughly enjoyed this story.
sgrildrig's avatar
Thanks!  Such kind words, golly...  :)
NuclearApplesauce's avatar
This is an idea that I've toyed around with before but, as per usual, never got around to actually using.
Anyway this is awesome. The perspective is unique and the imagery is just as graphic and terrifying as you'd expect.
I dig it.
sgrildrig's avatar
Thanks! Most of my stuff is in-the-face overt, it was fun to do something atmospheric in tone...
NuclearApplesauce's avatar
Emperor-Koto's avatar
Niiiice touch with the music!
sgrildrig's avatar
Thanks!  I was hunting for mood music and found that site.  I'll be going there again...
papayoya's avatar
That was a very enjoyable read :)

The muse has definitely come to stay, it would seem. This story was both original, exciting and, as usual, very well written. Thanks for sharing!
sgrildrig's avatar
Thanks!  I enjoyed doing that one a lot.
And I hope she hangs about for a bit...
GiantessNyx's avatar
I loved the twist at the end, and I'm impressed by how much imagery was conveyed through the dialogue. :D
sgrildrig's avatar
Thanks Nyx!  I figure I've done so much graphic third person writing recently, I wanted something a little more subtle and indirect, where the reader never actually sees what she does to her victims, instead getting it through sounds, scents and sensations related by the narrator.  And I've always loved situations where a rampage survivor later runs into a giant or a giantess...
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