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My Bio
I was born. The way I figure it that beat the most odds, so everything else is gravy...

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Groundhog Day, Heavy Metal (there, I'm eclectic) :P
Favourite TV Shows
Anything with Last Week Tonight, or Rick and Morty...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Tangerine Dream, Lindsey Sterling, Micheal Oldfield...
Favourite Books
Silmarillion, Pern, Rendezvous with Rama...
Favourite Writers
Tolkien, Clarke, McCaffrey, Zelazny...
Favourite Games
Gorf, Mille...
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
C/C++/C#, LSL...
Other Interests
Science, ancient history, languages...
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear GrilTech, enclosed is $29.99 for an order of 10,000 0.25" males. -- Betsy --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Betsy, congratulations on your purchase of 1,000 2.5" mailmen. We trust you will find them of the highest quality. -- GrilTech --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I asked for 10,000 0.25" males. I am returning the mailmen. Please fix my order. -- Betsy --------------------------------------------------------------------------- There was a hiccup due to this being a postal order. Enclosed are the 10,000 mail stamps you asked for, along with a bill for the balance. -- GrilTech --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Look, you miserable bastards, I did not order mail stamps. My original order was for 10,000 0.25" tiny men. Take care of this or suffer my increasingly
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RR: play kate

3 min read
"I'd like to start by welcoming both of you," said Dr. Forester, as she peered over her glasses, "and offering my compliments. Seeking therapy isn't an easy choice for an individual. In this case I can only imagine the extra challenges." "It seemed like the right thing," said Kate, sitting with crossed legs and her arms folded across her chest. "Ditto," said the city of Cincinnati, perched on a stool next to her. "What, in your view, would be a good outcome from this or any other session you may choose to have?" Dr. Forester asked, while jotting down notes. Kate glanced at the city skyline next to her, the tiny buildings, the bustling streets. "More fulfilling interaction," she said tentatively. "I hardly ever get to rampage through it like we used to when we first met." Dr. Forester nodded and turned her attention to Cincinnati. "For a while now it seems like she takes us for granted," the city explained. "We're just an outlet for her mood swings. She never
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Blaine hadn't survived being four inches tall this long without a few tricks up his sleeve. At the moment it looked like he'd need them all. Jackie had him cornered. Literally. She'd shut the door to the empty room, dropped the key into her bra, and advanced slowly towards him, looming with a smug smirk on her pretty face. "Oh, the things I'm going to do with you," she purred ominously. He backed away from her, until he felt the junction of two walls against his tiny back. His eyes cast up the length of her huge body. Taking a deep breath, Blaine open his eyes wide into a deep, soulful expression. Jackie leaned forward, bracing her hands against the wall above him. "That's not going to work," she warned. Undeterred, Blaine dropped onto his back, still gazing at her like a little puppy, exposing his belly. "Instead of using you for pleasure," she mused, casually lifting one long spiked heel over him, "I could just skewer you into a Blaine-flavored
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:highfive:thanks for the watch :D

thanks for having fun stuff to watch! ^^

Hey man, your stories are fantastic!

Thanks for the watch Gril !!

Thanks for watching!!:D

Thank you for watching

pleasure is all mine! ^^ (long as I remember to stay out of cars)