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I was born. The way I figure it that beat the most odds, so everything else is gravy...

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Groundhog Day, Heavy Metal (there, I'm eclectic) :P
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Anything with Last Week Tonight, or Rick and Morty...
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Tangerine Dream, Lindsey Sterling, Micheal Oldfield...
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Silmarillion, Pern, Rendezvous with Rama...
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Science, ancient history, languages...
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The black military helicopters beat the air with their blades, holding in formation outside of the city. General Meyers was studying them through his binoculars when Lieutenant Kelly arrived. "Any updates from Intel?" asked Meyers. "Just confirmation, sir," said Kelly. "She has the serum, and plans to use it. She's here, somewhere in the city. Agent Johnson believes the Hancock Tower is the mostly likely skyscraper she'll use, but warns that they only have moderate confidence in their source." "It's a good guess," said Meyers. It's the tallest building, it's in the center of downtown, and we know that she has a history there, no matter how sketchy it is. What's the report from the Techs?" "Based on the amount of serum taken they estimate she'll grow about 500' tall, sir. Orrick wanted me to remind you that larger and smaller sizes are not impossible, just unlikely." Kelly glanced at a paper in his hand. "Daniels says that the Strangelet Mesh had been
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Oliver pressed the button that flipped the number on the room's overhead display, changing it from A68 to A69. There was also a tone that sounded. He did a bit of housekeeping while waiting for the next person to get there. After a minute he looked around and pressed the button again. Once more the tone sounded. "I'm right here," said a voice. He looked around in confusion, then stood up. The gal in front of his station had that special kind of beauty that comes from barely checked rage. She was also really small. "Um," said Oliver, "what seems to be the problem?" "This!" snapped the gal, holding up a sheet of paper. There was no possible way for her to hold it any higher, and no way for Oliver to reach it. He pondered the problem for a moment, then grabbed his back scratcher, slapped some tape out it, and stuck it out as far as possible. She pressed the paper against it, and he reeled it in. Pushing his glasses up on his nose he looked over the form. "Ms.
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Ashley carefully climbed the stairs while balancing a tray holding a bowl of chicken noodle soup, some Ritz crackers, and a bottle of defizzed ginger ale. Stacy was battling a stubborn cold, and needed some TLC to get through it. As she approached the bedroom door she paused. The sounds coming from the other side were muted, but odd. Stacy's preferred music involved the kind of harmonics typically used to pulverize rock. This was nothing like that. With an arched eyebrow Ashley tapped on the door and opened it. Stacy was buried under a pile of blankets with just her bleary eyes peeking over them. Her hair was in disarray on the pillow. The end table next to her bed was remarkably clean, save for her Wayne Manor Batman clock. A collectable from the 1960's that was one of her prized possessions. Ashley went to place the tray on the table. "'oot eet ahn muh 'ap 'eese," said Stacy. That elicited a furrowed her brow. "Okay, I almost got that. "You want this on
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Here a GTS height comparison chart. Day 1, 2 and 7.

The Mysterious Island - Day 1 size comparison
TMI - Day 2 Height comparison chart
TMI - Height comparison chart - Day 7
TMI - 2 Gigantic scientists

Hello, I was just curious if you were currently working on any longer form stories? Your stories and posts are always fantastic! Thanks!

Thanks kindly! I've been asking myself the same question. There's been a long lull since the last real story. That can't be allowed to continue!

Thanks for watching :)

Thanks you for the llama.

and thank you!  ^^