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I was born. The way I figure it that beat the most odds, so everything else is gravy...

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Groundhog Day, Heavy Metal (there, I'm eclectic) :P
Favourite TV Shows
Anything with Last Week Tonight, or Rick and Morty...
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Tangerine Dream, Lindsey Sterling, Micheal Oldfield...
Favourite Books
Silmarillion, Pern, Rendezvous with Rama...
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Tolkien, Clarke, McCaffrey, Zelazny...
Favourite Games
Gorf, Mille...
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C/C++/C#, LSL...
Other Interests
Science, ancient history, languages...
Ashley entered the living room with a large bowl full of freshly made popcorn. Stacy was sitting on the edge of the sofa, peering intently at the screen of the laptop on the coffee table in front of her. She didn't so much as blink as Ashley sat beside her. On the screen was a live video, taken from the floor level. It was hard to see where it was, as the camera pointed more or less continually at the baseboard, fading to darkness at times. Pausing mid-munch on handful of popcorn Ashely asked, "How in the world did you get a camera on one of the tinies?" "It was easy," Stacy explained, her eyes never straying from the screen. "I glued a 4K micro camera onto a Black Sabbath t-shirt I made using that doll sewing kit you have." "Huh, I'm impressed," Ashley admitted. "So, where's he been?" "I have no idea," Stacy grumbled. "I think the little shit is trolling me. I haven't seen a single recognizable thing yet. I mean, what the hell is that?" she snapped
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"You're gentle by nature, right?" "Of course, how could you ever doubt it?" "How about that incident with the minivan?" "The one from last week?" "Yes." "It darted out in front of me. I had no choice." "It was parked. You crushed it beyond recognition." "It was parked in a bad place, you mean." "On the 5th deck of an eight story garage." "It was in my blind spot." "And you insist you're gentle?" "Totally. Gentle, gentle, gentle." "You weren't gentle with that skyscraper." "It startled me." "You put your elbow through it." "It startled me a lot." "Then you tackled it, all the way to the streets." "I was saving it. But it got away from me." "Fine. We'll go with that." "Good. Gentle, gentle, gentle." "Finally, we have that sports stadium." "You can't blame me for that." "You sat in it." "Nonsense, it was hot, I was giving them shade." "It had more than 100 rows across 5 tiers, 170 feet high." "There were a lot of people that day, too." "After sitting down there was a
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"Welcome to the final round of the 27th annual Skyscraper Decoration Competition! We have three lovely and colossal contestants tonight. Kendall, who is 872ft tall has been busy spiffing up the Ryerson Towers. Leeann, at 833ft tall drew the Hybanks Center -- more commonly known as the vinegary cuc -- for her incredible ideas. And last, but most certainly not least, Cynthia, measuring in at a whopping 901ft tall has unleashed her considerable talent on the Penson-Meyer Headquarters. "Kendall, we'll start with you, please remove the sheet and tell us what you've done!" "Thanks, Dave. As you can see I've used my cosmetic talents to enhance the look of the building. Starting with a foundation on the foundation, I then proceeded to draw out the natural allure of the windows. Using various blending techniques I smoothed out the art deco lines, taking decades off of its appearance." "Marvelous! Leeann, what have you come up with?" "Hi, Dave. My goal was to employ
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Long-time fan, new subscriber to Deviantart.

I have a question for you, what happened to the stories: "Janice in the City", "Janice & Pam: Ladie's Night out" & "The Visit".

They are not in the gallery, but I have the PDF (somewhere).

I just discovered your work. You likely get his a lot but your writing ability is unrivaled in just about anything I’ve ever seen. The way you paint pictures in my head bespeaks your deep command of words and your incredible imagination. You capture and portray the essence of what the community longs for so very effectively. I’m loving looking through your work!

Gosh, thanks for the kinds words. ^^ I can't draw, so writing it must be. You, on the other paw, can draw. I look forward to anything new you create.

thanks kindly! ^^

Thank you for the watch! You're an inspiration

Would you publish online any science fiction stories I would submit?