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Megaman Battle Network Diorama

This was the first papercraft that I designed. Printer was low on ink, but you can't really see that in the picture.

You can download it here…

[Edit] Updated download link
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Ive looked everywhere for a download of this and i cant find one anywhere (just 404 pages and stuff) :< could you reupload it somewhere?
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Yeah, the Nintendo Papercraft blog has been having server issues for a while now, breaking the download links of many old papercrafts. Anyways, I managed to find the original files, but they had some issues since it was an old papercraft. I managed to fix it up a bit and fit it on one page. 

Here's the link…
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thank you so much!!!!
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easy to say that's based off my favorite of the series - MMBN3!!! :D great work
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but it could also be 2
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That's awesome!!! Good work, lad!
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Ahaha I love this, I often picture game scenes like this in my head when bored in class.
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fucking great!!! jojojo!
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May I ask how did you make it?
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I made this a long time ago, back when I had very little 3D modeling experience and made this in gimp, using a screenshot. I made box with smaller part from each end to get the retangular prism shape. I then placed the part on the same sheets.

When I built it, I printed it out, cut the separate parts, folded them, and glued them together.
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does it come with a print-out? anyway, really cool idea.
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Yeah, it can be found here [link]
The weirdest thing is that I thought I added it to the description. Ill also add it there now.
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Great idea! Although I noticed that the mettaurs have no HP :O
Lol im favin this. Awesome idea.
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