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(Weight Gain) The Dinner of a Lifetime

This story contains: Lots of Eating, Weight Gain. You can buy the audio version on gumroad in the description below the story! The Dinner of a Lifetime - Read by Monstrassa - Written by SGA I walked through the hotel, carrying the small slip I’d received in the mail amongst the usual bills. “Hi, sorry, I got this note.”, I said to the lady on reception. She took a look at it, and said, “Ah yes, I’ll have to call the manager down. Would you mind taking a seat over there?” She indicated the soft luxurious chairs in the lobby, and I chose one to sit down on to wait. My eyes returned to the slip of paper in my hand, offering a “lifetime dining experience” to the honoured guest of the benefactor. Not that it said who the benefactor was, only the address and this hotel. Given I had today off work, I thought I’d drop in and see if I could find who’d sent this out, and tell them they’d got the wrong house. I definitely didn’t know anyone who’d treat me to a hotel dinner this fancy without

Weight Gain Stories

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(GTS Growth) Kiss Me! Grow Me!

This story contains: GTS Growth, Kissing You can buy the audio version on gumroad in the description below the story! Kiss me, Grow me! - Read by Serena Muse - Written by SGA Oh, Hi darling, welcome home! C’mere How was your… uhh… wait a second… sorry, when we kissed just then… I don’t know, my body sort of tingled. Can… can we do it again? Oh, it happened again, I don’t know but… do you think I look taller? I’m looking at your chin at the moment, and you aren’t bending over are you? No, didn’t think so. Let’s kiss again! Wow… I’m the same height as you now! Isn’t this awesome?! Aww, you look kind of frightened. Don’t worry, I feel fine! In-fact, I feel pretty great! Soo, Aww, that was awesome! And look, I’m actually taller than you! Only by an inch or so, but what do you think? I kinda like it if I’m honest, I’ve always wanted to be tall. Well, you know that, don’t you darling? and now, you can help me! Aww, come’ere. How long’s it been since we’ve snuggled up on the sofa like

Giantess Stories

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Muscle Growth Stoires

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