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The following story contains - Muscle and Height Growth

Read by Melanie Osborn - Written by SGA

Jessie didn’t really need a babysitter anymore, she was already 16 and well on her way to becoming an independent young adult, however her parents still invited Henry over when they went away for the weekend. Henry was Jessie’s cousin, on his break from university, and was more than happy to look after the usually quite benign Jessie.

We join the pair on the Saturday when Jessie asked if Henry could help her with her new athletics regime.
"I got this new medication you see, it’s supposed to build up my strength, but I’ve gotta start training to take full advantage."
Henry wasn’t really listening at this point, as he was reading a text message.
"Sure, whatever you like.", he said. Moments later, they were both outside, and Jessie asked Henry:
"Would you mind timing me? I’m gonna do laps around that tree."
"Okay, sure thing."

They had quite a big garden as the house used to be a farmhouse, now renovated into a more modern accommodation, but still with a big open lawn. Jessie had picked a pair of trees about 25 metres apart to make a lap around one 50 metres. This was by no means a long run, but given her present frail stature she felt it was a good starting point.

"Okay, count me in." Jessie said.
"Right… Ready… Set… Go!"

Henry started the timer as Jessie ran off towards the tree, slowly at first. Then seemingly gathering speed. She soon ran around the base of the tree and was heading back over to Henry

"Feww, that was surprisingly fun. And look!"
Jessie held up her arm. Her biceps seemed ever so slightly thicker. As she looked at her body, the same effect seemed to have spread through it all. From the tips of her toes to the ends of her hands, her previously regular figure seemed ever so slightly stronger.
"Maybe this medication is better than I thought… Hmm.. How long did I take?"
"9.1 seconds." replied Henry

"Well, that seems possible to beat. Ready again?"
"Sure. Ready, Set, go!"

Without as much effort this time, Jessie set off back towards the tree. She found it easier to run. Her muscles felt stronger, and easier to move. She gathered speed as she rounded the tree, and kept gathering speed on the way back. She was beginning to enjoy this.

"There. That went well."
"Whoa… Are you… Weren’t you…?"
"Shorter? I think so. I don’t remember being able to look you straight in the eye before. Sweet, isn’t it? I feel stronger too."

Indeed she was. Her muscles again having bulged out and her height having increased as she had ran. She was keen to try again.

"8.6 seconds this time.", stated Henry.
"Okay, this one’s for real. You know the world record for 50 metres?"
"It's 5.56 seconds.", stated Jessie
"Oh… Okay."

"Well, when you’re ready."
"Ready. Set. Go."

Jessie darted off again, and once again felt her body develop. Her height again increased by about 5 inches, and her muscles again expanded. Before she knew it, she was back.

"8.2 seconds."
"Better and better. Ready?"
"Set… go!"

The two continued the practice, and each time Jessie ran she grew a little taller and a little more muscular, thus better suited to undertake the run. Her time continued to fall to 7.6 seconds, then 6.8. Henry grew as impressed with her time as he did with how high he had to look up to see her face each time she returned.

"Phew… What this time?" Jessie said, as she fineshed another run.
"6.2 seconds…"
"Great! We’re getting there then."
"Getting there?!", Henry was now looking into Jessie’s now tight tank top, over her bulging muscular chest. It was certainly an impressive transformation.

"Aww, come on. one more time!"
"Okay… Ready, set. Go!"

Jessie boosted off the start line like a dart. Her heavy body left imprints on the grass as she lept forward. It seemed no time at all and she had gone round the tree and was heading back.

"Wow… 5.5 seconds."
"Sweet, so much for that world record then!"

Henry looked up and up to Jessie’s smiling face, who was grinning down at him. She was over twice as tall as he, him staring at the tops of her legs. Jessie could, if she wanted, strand over top Henry and he wouldn’t even need to duck his head.

"Well, that’s the 50 metres done. What shall we try next? Actually, wait a sec."
Jessie had to duck her way back into the house, from which she later re-emerged with her tablets.

"Because these things are working so well… Ehehe…"
Jessie let out a small giggle before pouring the remaining tablets into her mouth and swallowing.

"That didn’t seem safe…" Henry observed.
"I don’t think anything an stop me now, Henry. C’mon."

She bent over and picked henry up under his arms.
"Whoa…", Henry was awestruck.

"Right, let’s go!"

And Jessie began to run. Henry had a close up view of her growing larger and stronger with each step. The process now boosted by the excess pills made the effects incredible. Her height grew well up past 14ft, soon it was past 20ft. By the time she’d reached the high hedge that surrounded their garden she could easily step over it, and placed Henry down on her shoulder so she could properly get into running.

The world began to disappear below as she grew up and outwards, and ran further forward. The speed was incredible, and she kept accelerating. Growing, and speeding up. Over and over. The true race had began, and Jessie intended to win.
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