[Inflation] Do You Want A Balloon?

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This story contains: Inflation, Creepy clowns.

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Do you want a balloon? - Read by MizzPeachy - Written by SGA

I was walking down the street on the way home. I’d stayed overtime at work and so it was dark out, but I could hear the nearby carnival was in full swing. They usually had a couple of entertainers out on the street welcoming people to the carnival, but they only had one today. I did as I usually did and avoided eye contact, hoping not to make a scene, but I could tell by the obnoxious squeaking shoes that the clown was headed my way.

“Why, hello there darlin’, did you want a balloon?”

“No, I’m…”

“Oh go on~, don’t say no to a free balloon.”

There was something off about this clown, but I couldn’t quite place it. Either way, I just wanted to end this conversation and get home. Realising taking the thing would be the quickest way out of this conversation, I reached out my hand and grabbed the plastic stick the helium balloon was attached too.

“There ya go, wasn’t so hard now, was it? Be sure to get home safely, Ahahaha…”

He laughed as he wandered away and finally let me past. I could’ve just let go of the balloon right there, but politeness kept me holding it, at least until I was out of sight. The red balloon had a smiling clown face printed on it, though the image appeared faded stretched around the inflated balloon. I turned my attention away from it, just wanting to get back to my apartment.

Now in the apartment I went to let go of the balloon but the stick was stuck to my hand. It wasn’t glue stuck, it just wouldn’t come off. It felt completely attached somehow. I was only half panicking then, but I started to full on panic when I heard.

“Ahehehe, are ya ready? I’m gonna blow up the balloon.”

I suddenly felt this pressure in my breasts. What was happening? Then the voice which I realised was coming from my balloon blew again, and my breasts definitely expanded, I saw them. The balloon was stick stuck to my hand and again I heard the voice blow as my breasts expanded outwards again. They inflated a full two cup-sizes, and the voice kept going.

“No! Please stop!”

“Not yet, you can still go so much bigger! Ehehe!”

The clown blew again, and my breasts got even bigger. I could feel them filling up with air as he breathed, though it wasn’t painful I realised as I caught my breath. I quickly chucked my T-shirt off while I still could before my breasts could damage it. They’d gained the constituency of two balloons themselves, filling up and outwards with air and stretching like plastic as they did so. As they approached the size of two balloons I had hoped the clown would stop but he didn’t. He kept blowing and my breasts blew up bigger and bigger in-front of me. They didn’t droop downwards like normal but actually bobbed up in-front of my face. It was as if they were filling up with helium and wished to float away, but of course I was far too heavy for that. I could feel them pulling up though, lightly on me as they grew still larger. Now much larger than I’d seen any balloon inflate too, almost like two exercise balls. The clown said something else.

“Ehehe, now let’s try your other balloons! We need to blow you up nice and big!”

The clown began to inflate me again, though my breasts remained stagnant. Instead, I felt a pulling behind me as my butt began to push against my jeans. I tried once again to remove them before my butt got too big, but it was too late. They were stuck, tightly stuck and it felt so tight. I could see my butt expanding over them, pushing against them as the fabric became tighter and tighter.

“Aahhh, that’s too tight!”

But despite my yelling the clown continued to blow and it got tighter and tighter until they tore and my butt bounced out in full force. It too had gained a balloon like constituency and was being blown bigger and bigger, seeming again to feel with helium as it too created an upward force. The force grew stronger on me as it grew bigger. I mustered up the courage to jump and found my breasts in front and butt behind slowed my fall. Still growing, I realised that even despite my weight, if this kept going I would be lifted off the ground before now.

My butt reached the exercise ball stage my breasts had reached but he kept blowing and it kept growing behind me. Bigger and bigger it grew and I was really starting to get worried. I thought I should really get out of my apartment before I couldn’t so I made a much more floaty than usual walk over to the door. My breasts stopped me first as I tried to force them through, but as I tried to make the final dash outside my butt got stuck. It was too big, no matter how much I pulled it was just stuck. Unless, desperately I tried to roll sideways. Maybe I could still pull them out vertically. I turned and they turned in the doorway, the clown still blowing, but I struggled and pulled and flopped over, through much scratching I’d managed to pull the cheeks through!

I fell down and was lying straight onto the floor. Then, with one more blow from the clown, the floor slowly fell away. I grasped out to hold onto it, but there was nothing to grab. I turned to my side to grab the hand-rail on the balcony my apartment was on, my huge breasts getting in the way. I was only floating up lightly but I saw which way this was going.

“Oh no… nonononoo…”

“Ohh yess… You have one more balloon I need to blow up! Are ya ready?”

“Please don’t!”

“Ehehe, you’re no fun! Here we go!”

My stomach was quickly filled with air. I’m not sure how but the clown’s breasts seemed to be stronger, pumping more and more air into me with each one. It swelled out quickly in-front of me and too began to drag me upwards.

“Someone! Anyone! Help!”

With my butt, stomach and breasts all dragging me upwards I was having to hold on to the rail hard as I kept being blown bigger. With every breath my stomach grew and the force pulling me away grew with it. Even the tiny red balloon which was still stuck to my hand was pulling me up, and my hands sweaty with panic were losing grip on the smooth metal rail.

“Aww, come on! Balloons are supposed to float! Let’s get you up in the air! All together now!”

My breasts, butt and stomach were all inflated, I could feel air blast into each of them as the clown blew.

“N-No! I’m not… letting go!”

But as all 5 globes grew bigger and bigger, the force pulling me up was growing bigger too and I really couldn’t hold up. It felt like I was trying to hold up a one tonne wait and failing.

“Noooooooooo!” I yelled as I let go and was quickly pulled up and up and up away from my apartment. The blowing continued as my view zoomed out, I could see the roof of my apartment, then the whole building, then the surrounding street. Higher and higher I floated away as I could see more of the landscape beneath me. The carnival came into view then where this had all started. I tried to spot the clown out in the street but I couldn’t make out the details, I was already too high. Why then, if I couldn’t make out anyone at the carnival, could I hear the music? I could hear it’s jangling now loud and clear around me, surrounding me in the air.

“What is this?! What on earth is going on?!”

The clown still blew me bigger and I could feel the wind blowing me about in the air as the carnival music played. I felt huge now. I couldn’t even describe it, but at least as large as my apartment building considering all the parts of me, and still being forced bigger and bigger and bigger. I began spinning in the wind, seeing first the ground, then the sky, round and round and it helped to drive me mad.


I closed my eyes, wishing for it to stop, I held them shut, I was so disoriented and terrified that i held them shut with a passion, I couldn’t bare to see my breasts, butt and stomach continue to be inflated larger and larger without end.


I opened my eyes. The soft duvet surrounded my body. Inspecting it, it was the right size and shape. I realised then what it was, just a silly nightmare. I looked down at my hand then, and was relieved to see no string stuck to it. No tiny red balloon through which a mysterious clown could whisk me away into the sky. Then, I heard the sound. It came from the corner of my room and turned to look.

It was too dark to make anything out. I fumbled on my bedside table to find my phone and switch on the LED torch. The noise happened again, and sent shivers up my spine, but I had to be sure.

The torch came on and I directed the beam into the corner. The beam revealed a slim string dangling, and as I followed it up with the beam I illuminated a shiny almost spherical red balloon, gently bouncing against the ceiling. Then, as soon as I’d identified it, it burst and the string fell to the floor.


When walking past the carnival on the way home, a creepy clown hands Anne a red balloon. However, when she gets home she can’t let go of it, and her body begins to be inflated.

Read by MizzPeachy:

Art by Vespa:

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