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Here is my new Earth-Version. It is a Cinema 4d Modell with 16k*8k highres textures.
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Cool but it's not reality.
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The best map of the world! :)
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I'm creating a new photo manipulation and in need an an excellent source image for earth...may i please please pretty please use this?? I will of course give all credit where credit is due. Would really appreciate it. <3
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Yes you can use it. Glad that you like it.
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<3 Thanks much love! 
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I would absolutely love to use this as a cover for a online novel I'm writing. Do you mind? You'd get full credit for the artwork, as well as a link to your deviantART account.
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Yes no problem you can use it!
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Awesome, thank you!
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Hi SGA-Maddin, could I please put your picture on my book cover ? It's a french sci-fi history ?
Of course, I'll credit you but I want to know if you have any internet site (to put it with your name and re-direct my readers to it)
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Hello JohnRenmann, I am glad that you like it and of course, you can use it on your cover. Just credit my name and if you want to put a link; my deviantart page will be fine:
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Thanks SGA. I have put your deviantart page on the copyright page of my book with a "credit to artist SGA-Maddin". 
I have just take the quarter of your planet earth on my cover and I'll send you the result of the cover as soon as I have finished.
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Wow, sooo beautiful. *o* Used it here.…
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HI, would lov to use ur image, could I have permission to use
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If you credit me somewhere you are wellcome to use it.
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This is soooo amazing. It inspired me to do my project on it, may I please have your permission to use it?
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Allways nice to hear that. Of curse you can use it if you credit me.
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I've used your awesome image as wallpaper to show my skin theme here , added a link to your image if someone is interested to use it.
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Veri good one, I like the illuination
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 I <3 our planet!
Thanks for drawing this :)
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Oh wow, this is gorgeous <3
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Used here [ link ]
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