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Daedalus in space

here an other pic of my Daedalus. Its only a fast work because at the moment I´am working at an other bigger projekt with the Daedalus and 302´s. I hope you´ll like it. Some informations:
Model with Cinema 4d
Starfield with Photoshop
Postwork with Photoshop
Presenation with Photoshop

here the new improved version of it: [link]
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Beautiful ship.
Awesome pic of The Daedalus, im a huge fan of SG Atlantis. very nice piece of art. thanks
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Wirklich cooles Mesh! Auch die Texturen sehen echt super aus! Einziges Manko sind die beiden grünen Blitzlicher am Hangar, sonst ist das Modell perfekt!
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Hello, Can i keep your awesome pic on my latest post? [link]
SGA-Maddin's avatar
Yes no problem!
Thank You!!! Thank You!!!
that is neat. love that ship.
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holy cow, that looks professionally done:o Love it!:D Gotta love the first BC-304:)
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lol, ich würd gern die Phoenix bei ebay kaufen^^
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I love the Daedalus. I have no idea why, but it's one shit I just wish I could own in my garage!
Very nice work
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Great work, like this ship :D
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best iv found/seen this year.
the angle and lighting brings up an old question i had been thinking about last year, does the Daedalus have external ports for other ships like another Daedalus to attach a cable/tunnel to it in case something goes wrong with rings/beaming/hanger to allow for travel between ships?
If so where/how many/how big?
(A picture with top/bottom/front/back/right/left views of a Daedalus pointing out where they would be using arrows would be a great painkiller for this headache )
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Hab dir eine Nachricht hier in DA geschrieben.
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Absolut klasse! Sieht richtig schön detailliert aus und der Hintergrund mit den vielen Sternen gefällt mir auch gut.

Ich wollte dich um Erlaubnis fragen das Wallpaper auf zu zeigen.

Du bekommst natürlich Credit.

Bin schon auf deine Antwort gespannt.


SGA-Maddin's avatar
Sehr gern! Schreib mir am Besten noch mal ne Mail mit den Details
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Amazing work.
The texture to it, has such a...real sense to it, it's very...tangible in its reality.
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This is hot. :drool:

Good lightning and angle.

How long it took to model this one? :ohnoes:

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Very, very long.... I have worked on this modell over one year.... but not the whole time.
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That's quite some time.
But outcome is really a candy for eyes. :]
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Very nice lighting, I love the starfield.
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