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I'd thought I'd add a note here that both my real blog and a neat live version of the website design I recently submitted are up on

If you really want to read my real blog (doubt it) send me a pm and I'll see about sending you the awnser to the question stated there ;)

- SG
Just thinking a bit, I really didn't update it here in a long time, which has something to do that I have a blog somewhere else, so I'm just using this journal for deviations now... Still wondering what kind of things I should make, but I guess I'll do some after my school is done.

- SG_01
Feeling a bit lonely and tired this week, think it has something to do with christmas... Ah how I wish I had a girlfriend...

Ah well, as one of the positive thoughts, I made a christmas e-card for Codemasters, and mine was one of the 4 that has been accepted. Check it out

On girls, well a girl I liked has recently broken up with her boyfriend. This is where I get mixed feelings, sad as she broke up, but also joy as she is now free again. Ugh, I so hate my feelings sometimes....

Well, on a completely diverent note, I'm thinking about a new avatar of some kind, going to be hard tho, but I'll see...
(Edit) Well completed it, got a red one, flashing, and a blue one:…

- SG_01 Lunarchild
I'm back on track, I've made 2 GameClubCentral logons
It's my fav. community

(I think there's enough DA logons already anyways)
I think these logons represent the ease with witch logons can be made, Just change a few colors, replace a few bitmaps, and there you go, logon ready.

All my logons are and if not will be equiped with an installer I made, they all install it into your resources - LogonUI - LogonName folder, for the Logon changer that there is here, and it makes an icon in the start menu witch has a program to set the logon, or set the windows default logon!
And my PC crashed together with my HDD, now some files have been lost, some can be recreated, please wait while this proccess is being completed
And a great logon:

Command And Conquest: Renegade!
Today, I've uploaded 2 new Devations:

Command and Conquer: Kane - Logon
Command and Conquer: NOD - WindowBlinds XP

Check em out!