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This is a pillow I made for my mother-in-law's birthday last February. It's made of soft chocolate suede and silk brocade. I chose some neutral colors with hints of aqua -- which is her favorite color (or so Emad says!).

I really enjoy being with my mother-in-law and am so glad to have a good relationship. I had a great time in London last month or so and really miss my time there -- learning the secrets of cooking and practicing my Urdu!

"Naram" means "soft" in Urdu! :)
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The blue fabric you chose looks so... regal! :love:
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Why thank you! My mother-in-law is QUITE regal, so maybe it fits. :D
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A very well crafted pillow! Hopefully it's as soft as it looks. :D You chose a good color scheme as well.
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Haha, thank you! It's definitely soft.

As for the color scheme, I had the desire to make my new living room with it also, but couldn't get rid of the lime green objects we have and didn't get a dark enough brown couch! But I love it so much because teal/dark brown remind me of river rocks. :)
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Hehe Emad is right, aqua is her favourite colour and she absolutely loved this pillow :)
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Keke!! I'm so glad! :D

Btw, it's color. ;) Hahahaha. Friends. :hug:
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That is one veeeerrryy pretty throw pillow. :love:
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Thank you!!! :D It was pretty fun to make too. :)
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deeply impressive :wow:

this really looks like one of those high-class-design-pillows ;)
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You're too kind... ;)
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of course I am ;P
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Oh ya, and modest, I forgot. :lmao:
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Oh, hun! That's gorgeous!

Fabulous job!
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Kekeke, thank you!! It was pretty funtastic! :D
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I cannot believe that you are so so skilled
you always amaze me:star:

at first i thought
it was a pillow design by a rich
company for rich class people
(you know those high expensive goods)

i starting to wonder are you hiding
that you are more than an average artist XD

I think you are so great
and it is sweet to make a pillow for her:heart:
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Awww! :hug: No, no! I swear, I'm only average. :giggle: But if you think I can sell something like this to rich people, I'll gladly try ;).

Thanks so much for your feedback! I really enjoyed making this.
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