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Misao Makimachi

My Misao Makimachi cosplay for ACen 2010. She is from an anime called Rurouni Kenshin, which is sort of an old anime these days... But one of my favorites, without a doubt.

This cosplay took about 25 hours to make and cost around $50 (including the wig), which was perfect for my schedule this year. It actually opened the door a bit to making simpler cosplays for the fun of it. I styled the wig myself this year and that was the most difficult part of the costume.
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May 15, 2010, 2:46:24 AM
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oh I watched rurouni kenshin only twice
but sadly I do not know her, I should do some research.

wow 50 USD only?

and you made this costume too?

I think this is where I lack experience in...
so I am very interested how you make professional
looking cosplay ; )
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It's a great anime, you should try watching it sometime. She comes in later in the series and the series is pretty long! Yeah, I did make it and it was pretty cheap. I mostly learned to sew on my own with the help of the internet. There's a website, that has a lot of good ideas and tutorials. It's really fun, so you should try it sometime! :)
azieser's avatar
Very nice work. I love the details. :)
HallowGazer's avatar
a pretty good cosplay, I'd say :)
what's with the knifes, are they made of plastic?
sfprincess's avatar
Haha, thanks. They're actually two pieces of craft foam taped with masking tape around a wooden dowel pushed into a wooden spool and spray painted silver ;).
HallowGazer's avatar
I see - sounds like a bit more effort than I had imagined for those knifes;
is craft foam actually expensive (it's the stuff used for armors and such, too, right?)
sfprincess's avatar
Oh no, craft foam is dirt cheap. It's like $1-5 for a pack of 20 small or large sheets. You can use it for armor, but it isn't as durable as plastics. It kinda depends one what you are going for. :)
HallowGazer's avatar
I see - I'll keep that in mind for when I'll try to make a cosplay myself;
up to know, I always thought that it can't be anything but hell of expensive to create greater parts of armor and the likes, lol
sfprincess's avatar
Yeah there are definitely some cost effective ways to make things. There are three things to keep in mind when making a cosplay:

You can make it quick and accurate, but it won't be cheap.
You can make it accurate and cheap, but it won't be quick.
And you can make it quick and cheap, but it probably won't be accurate.

So if you're on a budget, the best way to go is to take a long time and find the best things for cheap! :)
HallowGazer's avatar
now, that's definitely something to keep in mind;
since I'm always on a budget with everything, I'll see in time what is there to find for my purposes :D
thank you very much
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Thank you! I <3 her too. :)
DaimaouGirl's avatar
You make a great Misao!
sfprincess's avatar
Thank you so much! :) I appreciate that.
DaimaouGirl's avatar
You're welcome! Yours was the first I'm seen of her.
pirateking42's avatar
Great! and Kenshin is a great anime ;)
sfprincess's avatar
Thanks. I LOVE Kenshin. It is my favorite. :)
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