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Free for DAZ : Urban Streets Of Tomorrow by sfman


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Complete street scene with sci-fi elements, modeled in hexagon for Dazstudio.
It  took me over 8 month to create this scene.
NOTE: This file is big, over 400 MB.


If you want more free stuff, add a comment.
And don't forget to credit me.  Nod

Licence information:
This product may be used in every commercial or non-commercial renders.
NO other commercial usage.
Do NOT sell this product or parts of this product.
Do NOT claim this product or parts of this product as your own.

Thanks a lot guys. I really appreciate your kindly comments.
This keeps up my motivation to do some more big free stuff in the future.


Over 1000 Downloads in such a short time.
You guys are awesome! Thank you all!

Over 2000 Downloads. #1 
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1860x1080px 1.2 MB
© 2018 - 2021 sfman
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Just amazing! Thank you so much for sharing.

CalistosQuest's avatar

Have not used this yet but thank you for your generosity. Looks great in the images

perlk's avatar

Love it, thank you!

BondageLea08's avatar

Amazing Content!

HansGeorgSchrage's avatar

I've used this wonderful set in quite a few of my renders by now, and wanted to make sure to properly thank you for making it available! It is really well crafted, all the lighting and models fit together, as good as whatever sets they sell at the DAZ store.

merci beaycoup 😀

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Willibrordus, female,, sexy, / Streetside Livestream - pixiv

Slushe - Galleries - Streetside Livestream

This is the link to the Art I have made with this Street asset on Pixiv and Slushe.

I haven't uploaded it here yet since I'm still in the process of uploading my older material Here.

I replaced the original art on the big screen behind the models the one that is there now is made by @VirtualMerc go check out his galleries too.

WillibrordusART's avatar

Once again Thanks a bunch for this. I've imported it in to Daz today and am in the Process of creating a scene with it. I'm replacing a few Billboards but the base setup is being used.

If I don't forget I'll drop a link to it here.

Catherine3678ab's avatar

Thank you :-) Happy to find another Hexagon user too :-)

WillibrordusART's avatar

This will come in handy in one of my more futuristic ideas I have in mind. Thank you for sharing.

I was looking for an excuse to start a scene like this. Thank you

Ymrabelle's avatar

This is absolutely amazing man! I was looking for some Japanese street for some renders and there's almost none in the Daz shop, and here you come with this superb panorama! It's a little too futuristic for what I intended to do but it will still be put in good use. Of course I'll credit you for your remarkable work! Fantastic!

Looks awesome!

Ok good. Iray. Can a 6GB graphics card handle it?

sfman's avatar

Probably not the whole city, but you can use just parts for your render images

Ok cool. Yeah I'm rocking a gtx980ti.

NMMA7's avatar

Phenomenal amount of work. Love it, can't wait to dig into it. Thank you for sharing your talent

Thank you for this!😁

Great ありがとう!

mich40ish's avatar

You are absolutely amazing!!

D-Witt's avatar
GoDK's avatar

This is stunning... thank you!

Childe-Of-Fyre's avatar

Yowza. This LOOKS like it took months of work to make. It looks amazing - I can't wait to put it into use. Thank you!

Orffeus-Art's avatar

Amazing! Thank you!

rsand55's avatar

Very generous. Thank you!

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