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A few of our contributors suggested that we create some banner art for the group, but we were at an impasse of who to feature in it.  Some suggested we use the OCs of some of the more well-known members or the admin staff, but I felt that it would be a bit unrepresentative for the group as a whole to feature personal OCs.  We decided that we need an OC for the group itself, and what better a way to obtain one than to have a group-wide contest?

This is for an OC that represents the group and what we do here (hint:  SFM logo cutiemark).  Thus, personal OCs are not eligible.
  • All OCs must be models created for and rendered in the Source-engine
  • All submissions must be submitted to the "Contest" folder.
  • You may abstain from making the model downloadable, but it will need to be publicly downloadable before you are announced a winner (winners will be contacted prior to closing announcement)
  • The artist who wins the contest and receives the prize waives all rights for re-upload, decompiling, usage, etc to SFM-Ponies.  This is effectively a commission from the group.
  • All entries must be submitted before the deadline.
  • Only one artist (submitter) will receive the prize.  Artists may collaborate on the OC, but any compensation for secondary artists must be arranged between them and the submitter.

Deadline:  May 20th
This is to give the modelers who want to create custom mane, tail, and props time to fit it into their busy schedules.

There will be only one winner, but depending on how the winner came about making the model will determine the level of prize they receive (to compensate for time and effort)
Reskin:  One-month DA Premium
Custom mane and tail:  Three-month DA Premium
Custom mane, tail, and props:  One-Year DA Premium.  
Note:  The funder(s) of the prize reserves the right to determine if the submission deserves the full prize, but generally submissions demonstrating modest effort will receive the full prize. 

- Members of the group
- Admins who wave their right to take part in the decision process
- Funders are not allowed to submit OCs for consideration.
If you are a watcher and happen to make the OC (rendered in SFM), upload it to your gallery and request membership to the group.

How Winners are Chosen:
This is a group OC, and it is only right that the group as a whole has the right to vote on it.  Depending on the amount of submissions, we may need to approach voting and runoff votes differently.  For the time being, it will be a single-vote unless results are within close margins of each other (then it's off to a runoff).    

We've had problems in the past with people gaming the polls, so we will be using Strawpoll.  The admin team reserves the right to disqualify submissions in the event of significant evidence of voter fraud, but we hope to avoid it this time around.  Serious offenders may also find themselves banned from the group.  We're not exactly giving away a prize that's worth being a dick for.    
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