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This post will act as a living document of model ideas proposed by the community to the handful of modelers in the group.  

We are a community of SFM artists (perhaps a few modelers too), but a common issue we run into is a lack of models.  Something I have noticed when talking with a few of the more active users is that we kinda know what we want, but it is all transient knowledge.  Instead of continuing this trend, I'm creating a more permanent and accessible resource for the question of "what should I model" some modelers (including myself) sometimes have.

For the purposes of this document, the focus is on models that could be useful for the community as a whole.  Stuff like Ponyville props, bone-mergeable props, maps, etc.  

Note:  There is no guarantee your proposed model idea will be modeled.  This is not a requests thread, rather, it's a reference for modelers.

- Be specific.
- Provide reference images if at all possible.
- Keep ideas relevant to the needs of the community (so no OC model requests, but OC props might be fine)  
- Brainstorm as many ideas you'd like.
- Map ideas are fine too
- Don't pester modelers to make it.  

If you want to, post a comment stating that you would like to create/are creating the model.  No need to duplicate efforts if we don't have to.  If you have an idea that you also intend to make for the community (and are willing to share), please note the idea and that you are making it.  It is also probably best practice to only claim a couple at a time, and relinquish the claim if you are no longer able/willing to make it.

Bone-Mergeable Props

General Accessories

Models that do not necessarily reskin a pony for a certain purpose but instead add something to a compatible base

Hair or Head Accessories

[DL] LE Stud Earrings by love-mist (DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Fake Awake Glasses by Dracagon (DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Twilight Crown Season 4 by Dracagon
(DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Umbrella Hat by Dracagon (DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Mailmare Hat by Dracagon [SFM/GMOD] Facemask by Texas-Doughnut [DL] SurgeryMask by The4thaggie [DL] LE Collar Necklace by love-mist MLP Mining Hat GMOD/SFM Download by MeltingMan234 (DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Drink Hat by Dracagon Pony Skull Mask by STANN-co Winter Scarf Long [DL] by WhiteSkyPony :thumb525945551: Bonemergable Horn Rings For Unicorns by Magm4t1c

DJ/Rave/Party/Music Accessories

Vinyl Glowstick and Rings (Props) [DL] by WhiteSkyPony Fluffy Headphones (Prop/Paintable) [DL] by WhiteSkyPony Daft Rarity [DL] by WhiteSkyPony
- Party Blower 1


[DL] Source_Fall by Yok by yoksaharat Anime Faces Model [DL] by WhiteSkyPony (DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Cupid Props by Dracagon :thumb536008607: [SFM/GM DL] Royal Claws v1 by Texas-Doughnut Ski props [download] by PercyTechnic

Pony Anatomy Additions


Bonemergeable Pony Eyebrow (SFM) [DL] by WhiteSkyPony



Rainbow Dash as Mare-Do-Well [SFM GMOD DL] by Jordan-da-Lego-Brony Applejack Captain Equestria [SFM GMOD DL] by Jordan-da-Lego-Brony [DL/SFM/Gmod] Mistress Mare Velous by Sindroom [DL SFM] Masked Matterhorn by Optimus97 [DL] Saddle Rager model by Shir0qq [DL] Radiance model by Shir0qq [DL] Fili Second model by Shir0qq [DL] Mane-iac (v1) by Pika-Robo
- Mare Do Well costume or pony 1 :: MollyTheMoopy
- Comic Book Mane 6
- Rainbow Power Ponies

Nightmare Night (Ideas)

- Twilight 1
- Rainbowdash 1
- Pinkie Pie 1
- Applejack 1
- Spike 1

Hearths Warming Eve


Hearths Warming Eve (Ideas)

- Twilight (Clover the Clever) 1
- Spike 1
- Pinkie (Chancellor Puddinghead) 1
- Applejack (Smart Cookie) 1
- Rarity (Princess Platinum) 1
- Fluttershy (Private Pansy) 1
- Rainbow Dash (Commander Hurricane) 1


Gala Mane Six [DL] by WhiteSkyPony [DL] Source_Fall by Yok by yoksaharat [SFM/Gmod]Never Fear's sleepwear[DL][Fixed] by yoksaharat
Playbrony Suit [DL] by WhiteSkyPony Genie Suit [DL] by WhiteSkyPony :thumb503577279:
:thumb499283217: (DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Costume Pack by Dracagon [DL] LE Deluxe Socks! by love-mist
[DL] Rider Suit by Sindroom [DL]Armor For Princess Cadence by yoksaharat :thumb553502285:
[DL/Gmod/SFM] Space Suit by Sindroom VN Aperture Equipment [DL] by WhiteSkyPony

Fallout Equestria Barding and Armor

Stable 2 Barding [DL] by Raptor1701 PipBuck SFM DOWNLOAD by Astonov Fallout: Equestria - Props Pack by Longsword97 FO:E Model Ports, Part1 by Poninnahka [SFM DL] FoE labcoat by Texas-Doughnut

Character Models

Models designed to represent a character.  Generally, fully rigged and are able to easily be animated.


Gummy [DL] by EDplus (DL)(SFM) Star Spider by Dracagon :thumb545011026:



Ceslestia's Royal Guards SFM-Gmod ponies by LunarGuardWhoof :thumb434252510: [DL] Little Strongheart by Pika-Robo
:thumb494669132: [SFM/Gmod] Dazzling From EQG #UPDATED [Dl] by yoksaharat :thumb531009949:

Minor Characters

Young Adult Spike [SFM/DL] by PacificPenguin :thumb508812412: :thumb495566543: :thumb560545321: :thumb560416656: [DL/SFM/Gmod] Cherry Jubilee by Apimpnc :thumb557754359: Shining Armor [SFM/Gmod DL] by Longsword97 :thumb552959445: :thumb525827750:

Background Characters

Starswirl the Bearded model V1.0 (DL) by Longsword97 Amethyst Star [DL] by Legoguy9875 :thumb385261993: [DL] Wild Fire(Spitfire mane down) by EquestianRacer MoonDancer [SFM/Gmod DL] by Longsword97 [DL/SFM/GMOD] Double Diamond v2 by Sindroom [SFM/GMOD] Party Favor FIXED by aral750 Treehugger V2 [DL] by Longsword97 [SFM/GMOD] Sugar Belle (FIXED FOR GMOD) by aral750 :thumb526225429: [DL/SFM] SFM - Night Glider by JarusKais Double Diamond [Download] by PercyTechnic

Fallout Equestria Characters

Fallout: Equestria -- Slavers [DOWNLOAD] by KelchanFerret Fallout: Equestria -- Slavers [DOWNLOAD] by KelchanFerret :thumb499632927: LittlePip [SFM/Gmod] by Longsword97 [DL] Feral Ghoul Pony (Male) by d0ntst0pme

Other Sentient Creatures
[DL]Crackle[SFM,GMOD] by yoksaharat [DL] Steve Magnet by yoksaharat :thumb545011026: Smooze [DL] by Longsword97 Gilda download for SFM and Gmod by PercyTechnic [DL]Siren EQG:RR by yoksaharat

Equestria Girls/Anthropomorphic

Five Nights at AJ's

FnaAj's/Pinkies Toy animatronics [DL] by Thespahthatspies Five nights at Equestria 2 - withered animatronics by LunarGuardWhoof Five nights at Equestria 2 - withered animatronics by LunarGuardWhoof
Pony Endoskeleton [DL] by WhiteSkyPony [Gmod/SFM Download] Golden Pinkie by crazymod122 Download The Phantom and SpringtrapShimmer by MrTermi988


:thumb495972485: [DL] AnonPony by Pika-Robo [SFM] [GMOD] [DL] Cyberlight Sparkle - V5.2 by drweegee1337 :thumb562333013: [DL] Madness_Pink by yoksaharat [DL]PrincessAmore by yoksaharat :thumb547861818:  :thumb541629087 (DL) Ask Bounty Hunter Applejack Full Set by Out-Buck-Pony Anime X MLP [SFM/Gmod DL] by Longsword97 [SFM/Gmod] [DL] Prosthetic Twilight V3 by drweegee1337 Umbra download by XxZacharyWxX [DL] Eris [SFM/Gmod] by yoksaharat SFM: Sameless Mane 6 (DL) by mariofan48 (DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Jester Pinkie Pie by Dracagon [DL]Elusive[R63] by yoksaharat

Compiling-specific assets

Pony Bodies

[DL] Source_Fall by Yok by yoksaharat Improved Wings Bones (Paintable Prop/SMDs) [DL] by WhiteSkyPony

Pony Horns

[DL] Source_Fall by Yok by yoksaharat

Pony Facial Flexes

Male Flexes [SFM Resource] by JayriAvieock :thumb454247859:

Character Model (Ideas)

- Overhauled Granny Smith 1
- Sapphire Shores 1
- Dr. Caballeron 1
- Filthy Rich 1
- Mayor Mare w/ Glasses and Neckwear 1 2
- Shining Armor w/ Armor and Uniform 1 2 3
- Prince Blueblood w/ neckwear 1
- Prim Headline 1
- Pinkie's Parents 1
- Philomena Pheonix model w/ baby version
- Diamond Dogs
   - Tier 1:  The three from the show 1
   - Tier 2:  Guard dogs
   - Tier 3:  SMD and other relevant bases/example QCs for M, F, and children
- Dragon
   - General fully grown dragon
      - Tier 1:  Season 1 dragon
      - Tier 2:  Dragons from the Spike episode where he ran away
      - Tier 3:  Dragon SMD/QC bases for M, F, Children, and eggs
   - Crackles the Dragon
- Hydra 1
- Chimera 1
- Timberwolves 1
- Manticore 1
- Iron Will
  - Tier 1:  Iron Will 1
  - Tier 2:  Minotaur SMD/QC bases for M, F, and Children
- Gilda/Griffon
  - Tier 1:  Overhaul Gilda
  - Tier 2:  Griffon SMD/QC bases for M, F, and Children
- Ahuizotl 1
- Mane 6 Pets 1
- Infant Ponies 1
   - Tier 1:  Pound and Pumpkin Cake
   - Tier 2:  SMD/QC bases for infant ponies
- Twilight Sparkle 1
- Rainbow Dash 1
- Applejack 1
- Rarity 1
- Fluttershy 1
- Pinkie Pie 1
- Sunset Shimmer 1
- Sunset Satan 1
- Trixie 1
- Derpy 1
- Octavia 1
- Vinyl Scratch 1
- SMD/QC bases to make OCs
- Clothing for EqG characters

General Props

Interior Props

Interior Props
Interior props are things you might find inside of a building, residence, or otherwise non-outside structure.


(DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Spa Things by Dracagon Vinyl by Je06jm [DL] Books for Pones. by FancyClassicaMelody [DL]Dakimakura/Bodypillow by The4thaggie (DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Doctor Exam Room by Dracagon [DL]Daring Do Book by Nein-Skill [SFM/DL]Pony Balls [Update] by koni126 :thumb537343147: :thumb535066704: :thumb527979821: :thumb526147760: [DL]Candy Desk [GMOD Update] by Nein-Skill

Food and Drink

(DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Potion of Sight by Dracagon [DL] Hearts and Hooves Day - Candy Hearts by The4thaggie [DL] Hearts and Hooves Day - Box of Chocolates by The4thaggie
(DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Daisy Sandwich by Dracagon (DL)(SFM)(GMOD)  Hayburger Things! by Dracagon (DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Hay Bacon Strip by Dracagon

Lore-Specific Items

(DL)(SFM)(GMOD) EQG Mirror by Dracagon Princess Twilight Sparkles Portal by VeryOldBrony Time Turner's hourglass by PercyTechnic
(DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Flugel Horn by Dracagon [DL][SFM][GMOD] The Elements of Harmony by FlutterCZ Mane 6 Harmony Keys for SFM and Gmod by Magm4t1c

Interior Props (Ideas)

- Mane 6 Harmony Keys 1 :: May be already started by someone
- Changling Cocoon 1
- Openable book w/ turnable pages

Exterior Props

Models you would use for scenebuilding outside


:thumb513049867: (DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Trampoline by Dracagon :thumb554733687:


(DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Equestrian Flags by Dracagon


Trees and plants

(DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Posion Joke by Dracagon (DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Flower of Truth by Dracagon

Buildings, Architecture, etc

(DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Great And Powerful Stage by Dracagon Water Tower Area 2 by VeryOldBrony (DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Fluttershy's Stage by Dracagon
:thumb512869293: (DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Carrotdog and stand by Dracagon [DL]Umbrella Table by Nein-Skill (DL)(SFM) Claw Game by Dracagon


Models designed to carry ponies about their day.
:thumb518173069: (DL)(SFM)(GMOD) MLP Train by Dracagon (DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Grand Galloping Gala Apple Wagon by Dracagon


Trixie's Chariot by VeryOldBrony Trixie's Chariot by VeryOldBrony

Pony Carts and Wagons

(DL)(SFM)Doughnutopia by Dracagon Scootaloo CMC Wagon by VeryOldBrony Apple Family Traveling Wagon by VeryOldBrony AppleJack Apple Wagon by VeryOldBrony (DL)(SFM)(GMOD) GGG AJ Cart by Dracagon (DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Octavia's Cart by Dracagon 

Exterior Props (Ideas)

- Apple orchard trees
  - Tier 1:  Static Prop
  - Tier 2:  Rigged for movement of large branches
- Everfree Forest Trees 1
- Zap Apple Trees 1
- General Trees 1 2 3 4 5
- Hearts Desire Flower 1
  - Luna's Chariot 1 2
  - Celestia's Chariot 1 2
  - Twilight's Chariot 1
  - Rarity's Chariot 1
  - Discord's Chariot 1
  - General Chariot 1
- Small Cart (1 axel) 1
- Large Cart (2 axel) 1
- Sweet Apple Acres Cart Small 1
- Twilight Entrance Exam Cart 1
- Produce display cart 1
- Tree of Harmony with individually-bodygrouped gems
- Discord Statues 1 and 2


General guidelines

 It's a plus to make night and day versions.  Add realistic city backdrops in skymap.  Add detail where detail is due.  Example:  Throne rooms and other areas often used in the show.

Complete Castle and Grounds
- Twilight's Castle in Ponyville
- Canterlot Castle
- Castle of the Two Sisters in the Everfree Forest
- Crystal Empire Castle

The focus here should be on placement and detail appropriate for ponies of the current scale.  Most maps are so blank or have building models too far apart.  It's hard to get a grasp of the scale of the cities as it is, and translating to 3D is kinda hard. Collaboration and testers are necessary to make sure it feels "real".
- City :: Overhauled Ponyville
- City :: Canterlot
- City :: Cloudsdale
- City ::Manehattan

These maps are for interior shots.  Interiors, especially living spaces, are often densely populated with objects.  Focus your detail as best you can within the limitations of Source.

- House :: Fluttershy's cottage
- House :: Rainbow Dash's cloudhouse
- House :: Twilight's tree library
- House :: Rarity's Carousel Boutique
- House :: Pinkie Pie's Bakery and upstairs apartment
- School :: Ponyville Schoolhouse :: Glaber
- Environment :: Cave under Canterlot Castle (where Cadence was imprisoned)
- Environment :: Cave in Hearts Warming Eve episode
- Environment :: Mountain Map (Ep Dragonshy)



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