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SFM pony stuff
Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great Halloween :)

So I have just submitted the changes to the newly titled journal "People Who Take Pony OC Model Commissions". The individuals who got back to me have been placed in the respected areas in the journal. The ones who I have not heard back from or have requested that they be permanently removed from the journal have been removed. If they decide that they would like to be added to the list again in the future, they are more than welcome to. Just leave a comment on the journal. Same goes for everyone else who would like to be added.

A few changes that have been made:
-More simplistic layout
-Icons to show the people doing the commissions
-Easier to understand/read text
-Everyone on the list has stated that they do commissions only. No requests
-Removal of numerous inactive accounts (Thanks to :icondoetoons: for letting us know)

And that's basically it! I hope this makes things a lot easier to those looking for their OC's to be made :) The journal will continue to be updated as normal and as needed from here on out. This was just the one major update it clearly needed.

Thanks guys!

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Welcome to SFM Ponies. Here is some useful information!

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Meet Animazam, SFM-Ponies official mascot.    



NEW: Submission Guidelines and Becoming a MemberHeya boys and girls,
With there being too many people not understanding what group to put their submissions in, we have updated the rules and guidelines of the group. Before you submit something, YOU MUST READ THIS. Okay, here we go.
Becoming a Member
The only requirement to be accepted as a member of the group is to have at least one deviation in your gallery that is :
created in SFM
 created by YOU
You do not need to be a member to comment or submit (to most galleries).  If you are here looking for help to get started in SFM, you are welcome to comment on the group's home-page or join our sister group :iconEquestrian-Academy: for things such as critiques.  Consider watching the group until you meet the requirement for membership.
Deviations created in Ponylumen, GMOD, Blender/Maya/etc do not count as SFM deviations (nor are they accepted into the

If you came here to commission a pony model please read this journal

People Who Take Pony OC Model CommissionsUpdated:  11/1/18
NOTE: The people listed in this journal have stated that they do commissions. It DOES NOT mean they take free requests. Please be sure to check the commission info in their profiles for the terms and prices.    
What you need to do for your OC to be made
Step 1: Select a person in the "Open for Commissions" list below.
Step 2: Contact said person with the following:
- A reference to your pony (Pony Creator is fine, but more references the better)
- A stand-alone (preferably high resolution, transparent background) image of your cutiemark.  
Step 3: Sit back and be patient.
Open for Commissions:
:iconAeridicCore: AeridicCore
:iconBlueStreamBrony: BlueStreamBrony
:iconOC1024: OC1024 [Request Info]
:iconTonkano: Tonkano
:iconWhiteSkyPony: WhiteSkyPony
Temporarily Closed for Commissions:
Note: Please do not bot


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TheSubaruLovah Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2018
What is SFM?
Dsiak Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018
Source Film Maker, a 3D animation engine by Volvo.
TheSubaruLovah Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018
volvo as in Swedish car company?

how can I join this group?
Dsiak Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2018
No, Volvo as in the company owned by Ico Frogo and Gaben.

Feel free to join! You are sure to find some images that will spark your interest. Also this is the program…
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Warhorse26 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 1, 2018   Filmographer

To be a member, you must have at least one SFM pony work in your gallery. Alternatively, you can watch the group until you meet that requirement.

And it's Valve from Steam

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FartingBoy Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2018  Student Filmographer
Hello, ponies and mares. I'm not really a brony or a fan of mlp, but I do use sfm and am in a few pony discord servers. I just wanted to drop on by and say the animation resources look really amazing. I created an sfm group myself on DA since there aren't any for pokemon, sonic, or splatoon animation cycles, and I hope my group can one day become an awesome place for resources like this one. Thank you, SFM-Ponies for inspiring me to also make a resource group.
DoeToons Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2018  Student General Artist
A lot of the people listed in the SFM pony model request journal appear to be inactive (Have not posted anything since 2015).
Warhorse26 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2018   Filmographer
Thanks for letting us know. I'll personally try to get in contact with each of the people on the "open for requests" area to see if they're still taking requests or not. Probably a good idea to update the list if people are indeed inactive.
Rainbine360 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2018   Digital Artist
y u no accept my request to join
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AeridicCore Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
New-meme-oh-you-make-me-cry-laughing Fb 415341 by AeridicCore  
TheNorthRemembers3 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Anyone gonna make a Cozy Glow model. 
I want to do a DBZ Abridged scene and i wanted to make her Frieza XD. 
daimando Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018
I actually got Sindroom to make one.
TheNorthRemembers3 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
daimando Featured By Owner Edited Oct 11, 2018
Cozy Glow V1 Model by Sindroom by daimando  Here it is.  Enjoy.  Special thanks to Sindroom for making it.
wdearth Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2018
Could anyone make my OC into SFM? I was told it costs money, how much? His name is Midnight Glow. I got a pic of him.
zgwrox Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018
Can anyone do a SFM Model of Smolder?
Wiimeiser Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2018
IIRC there's one in development right now, but I don't know who's making it or if it's still coming along. Still, that's better than Plaid Stripes, half the Pillars, and any Fallout Equestria characters not from the original fic, Project Horizons, or Wasteland Jewel, not named Murky or Silver Aura...
comicfam Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2018
how is everyone is doing?
Tonypilot Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2018
How about two SFM Models of Mistmane? both Old and Young.
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