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The Current Situation on SFM-Ponies Modelers by DazzioN, journal

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I wounder how well this group is doing since I left it?

It's still relatively active

Can you i make Spring Breakdown Eqg SFM models
Looking for someone that can do SFM anthro( just hooves and paws) model commissions
i wonder whats if you guys make disney characters in eqg looks? just a thought
where can custom manes/tails be requested?
Quick question, is there like a source pack compiler for making custom EqG characters?
I notice that even today long after MLP:FiM is over and done with, bronies are still making unique custom ponies with ReVAmp, making ponies for SFM have been going on for years.

But I dunno if there is anything for making custom EqG characters the same way as making custom ponies.

I'm asking because it be nice to have a matching EqG model for my pony model.