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Color Folder Icons And PNGs MS

Folder Icons and Pngs, all resolution of 256px (256x256)
21 Different colors + transparent models
Compatible with Windows Vista & Windows XP


My website: [link]


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Thanks!! The foldera look great!
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These are great!  Thank you so much! :-)
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i am always looking for different colored folders to help me organize projects on my computer. this is awesome.
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Great job, that's exactly what I was looking for!
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Nice work, thanks so much for sharing. Joy!
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nice & colourful. thank you.
very very nice :ekud::ekud:
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Excellent work!!!
I'm a "newbie Deviant" and also a "newbie" to learning "I" can use diff icons than those "permanent installations in WXP" (EEK)!!

BUT ... of all the "fun I've had" the most frustrating was finding "identical file icons" to those used in Vista ... and "golly-gee-whillokers" ... (smile) ... You "done did it ROYAL FLUSH" !!! WOW ... How talented you are ...

Don't suppose you got any other "icon creations in the wind" ... either Vista or WXP??? Huh?? Huh?? Huh?? Pwease??? Smile!

KUDOS and God Bless - Jacquie
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Hi, thank you.
I apologise for not having used my deviantart acconut for a long time.
I'm mostly on my own website

the black one looks really awesome, thanks!
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You are welcome and thank you ;)

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Really nice icons, but there's no way to not miss the preview?
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Thanks :)
What preview do you mean?

Thanks very much Sfkilla.. your work is great.. i user your gadgets on my sidebar too! thanks again
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You are very welcome :)

Nice... i have Vista Ultimate.. where do i put these folders? how do i install them.. sorry for being dumb lol
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I there,

At the moment its very simple.... right mouse click on any icon you want to change and select properties.
Select the shortcut tab and click on change icon, browse and select one of the folders i created and click ok.
In some cases, you will have a customize tab when you right click on an you will need to choose customize and do the same as above.

Futur icon pack will be auto installable i hope :)

Best Regards
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Sleeker and sexier than the default icons, that's for sure.
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