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Meian worldmap (wip)
I finally got round to drawing a worldmap of Meian. Since it's likely more locations will develop over time, it's a WIP for now, but the most important locations so far are all there.
I was tagged by :iconcaitsithola: I haven't done one of these in forever, but I figured I may as well, since I haven't posted anything in a while =p To keep things a little more interesting I'll have Jay answer the questions for me.

But first, the rules didn't say I couldn't burn them~ MUAHAHAHAH! Also yes I'm wearing fluffy pink dragon feet for slippers. Deal with it. =w= <3
Tagged 00 by Sferath
1. Gummy bears or gummy worms?
"What an odd question. They are very similar at their core. I suppose I would go for the gummy bear because it's cuter."

Tagged Jay01 by Sferath
2. What (or who) is your inspiration for drawing?
"I do indeed draw, in a way. Was that a lucky guess or did you see one of my older blueprints lying around? Either way my inspiration is drawn from so many sources it would be nigh impossible to list them all. Sometimes the shape of my designs is symbolic, sometimes they represent the forms you would find in nature. More than anything however, I create designs with the full intent to help others. One could say I get inspired by problems that need solving."
Tagged Jay02 by Sferath
3. Favorited animated movie?
"What kind of question is that? Do I look like I have the time to delve into fantasy stories? If I HAVE to watch something, animated or not, at least make it something educational. Preferably a subject matter I've yet to study."

Tagged Jay03 by Sferath

4. What character do you find yourself drawing the most?
"I don't draw characters! How can you ask me this after my previous answers. Your stupidity hurts my brain."

Tagged Jay04 by Sferath

5. If you had the power to choose one video game to get a remake or a sequel, what game would it be?
"Hahaha, oh deary me... I do apologize. Yoru can be so blunt at times... Anyway, video games you say? I do enjoy some good puzzlers at times, but they seem to get remakes and sequels all the time already. The same goes for dancing games and other such interactive things. In the rare cases where I felt the video game market didn't have what I was looking for, I simply programmed something myself."

Tagged Jay05 by Sferath

6. Favorite type of cookie?
"Ohh~! I do have a sweet tooth, I love cookies. Do cupcakes count? I made some earlier today, you can have some if you like! They're prepared with all natural ingredients, lots of fruit and of course lots of love!"
Tagged Jay06 by Sferath

7. What's your favorite drawing style (ex. traditionally, digitally, tablet, paper and pen, etc.)?
"Hmn. Holograms! It makes things so easy to coordinate and adjust while running a live simulation. See? Here's a simple example. Drawing a blueprint the traditional way is fun too though. Just less efficient."
Tagged Jay07 by Sferath

8. Do you prefer drawing cartoony or realistically?
"GUESS. Mrfbl stwpid qweftions."
Tagged Jay08 by Sferath

9. Have you ever dedicated yourself to something? And if you did, how long did you live up to that?

"Oh... most certainly so. Once I'm dedicated to something I tend to see it through until the very end. More often than not without any regards towards my own health or safety... It's not my best trait I suppose."

Tagged Jay09 by Sferath

10. What job have you always wanted?
"Oh dear, hah... Suffice it to say, whenever there was ever a job I wished to delve deeper into, that same dedication would ensure I'd go ahead and learn all the requirements to perform it. Is that a bad trait too?"
Tagged Jay10 by Sferath

11. What's the funniest thing that happened to you in real life? (If you don't want to answer that, then just type ":0")
"That may very well be the fun I've had with this hologram! Just look at it wiggle! Hahaha~!"

Tagged Jay11 by Sferath

12. Do you call it salt or sodium chloride?
"Such a silly last question. Sodium chloride of course! Unless it's used for food related purposes, I get such weird looks if I don't simply call it salt. Was that truly it for this... interesting interview? Well then, I hope it was satisfactory. Goodbye, be safe, and do feel free to come back again~!"
Tagged Jay12 by Sferath
Merry Christmas 2018
I felt like doodling a little something even if it isn't much ;u;

Raven wishes you all a Merry Christmas! <3
The Raven Witch
Beware the Raven Witch...

Those unfortunate enough to come face to face with her know to be afraid... very afraid. If she gets hired to take care of business, you know you've messed up big time. You'll know why you are hunted, you'll know who sent her, and you'll know you won't make it through the night...
Have a Raven
"Why are the boys hogging all the fun~?"

More summer clothes =w= Everyone was drawing boys, so Raven demanded I drew her. Ever had your OC's demanding things in your head? XD


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
There's a lot to say about me, yet there's nothing at all. I'm just awkward, yet simple like that. One thing that sums up most of it is that I've got a form of autism called 'asperger syndrome'. Don't worry I'm not depressed over it! On the contrary I'm kinda proud to be different and I see autism more as a gift than anything else.

It does cause me to be stuck in 'my own little world' as most people would put it, but thanks to dA I've been able to share that world with other people too. A lot of my time is also spent image-roleplaying, it's just too fun to doodle my oc's as they interact with the adventures that unfold. Many of my drawings and inspiration originated right there.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave a message somewhere!


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