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The Raven Witch
Beware the Raven Witch...

Those unfortunate enough to come face to face with her know to be afraid... very afraid. If she gets hired to take care of business, you know you've messed up big time. You'll know why you are hunted, you'll know who sent her, and you'll know you won't make it through the night...
Have a Raven
"Why are the boys hogging all the fun~?"

More summer clothes =w= Everyone was drawing boys, so Raven demanded I drew her. Ever had your OC's demanding things in your head? XD
Have a Mordecai
A few friends were doodling their OC's in topless summer outfits and I decided to join in with a doodle of my own. It was some fun muscle practice and it helped me to narrow down the design for his markings.

Now to design his beast form sometime soon >O>
OC origin ref: Jay
Birth name: Desmond, descendant of Saturna
Nickname: Jay / Yoru
Place of birth: Atlantis, planet Meian
Age: 49.986 cycles
Species: Sfera
Magic: Aura control
Length: 1,94 cm
Other random facts: Vegetarian, loves tea, meditates a lot, problem solver
He always carries around his faithful little computer he simply calls his 'gizmo'. Most of his time is spent tinkering away in his little workspace, and this is but one of many things he created over time. Science is easily his biggest hobby.
Another word to describe him would be knowledge. He seems to know facts and details about histories long deemed forgotten, and if he's not tinkering away you can most likely find him in a library somewhere. He loves to learn new things and meet new people with their respective cultures.
Lastly one can mention his remarkable memory. It's beyond photographic, as he can remember every single detail and sensation of every waking second. No matter how much time has passed since an event, he can play it in his head like he's right back in that moment.
Many are creeped out by this precision. If you ask him how old he is, he will give you an answer reaching into the exact minutes and seconds. If you give him two numbers to do a calculation, he effortlessly gives you the correct answer. If you give him a page number of a random book he read, he will recite the exact written text word for word. Some go as far as to compare him to a computer with how he behaves himself.
To make matters worse, when he gets emotional a darker side of him emerges. He calls him 'Yoru', and though he tries hard to keep this alternate personality at bay, Yoru is often too strong for him to control. He sometimes goes as far as to block Jay's consciousness, so he can do whatever he wants without interference. Not everyone believes his split personality is real, they just think of him as a bit of a crazy weirdo. The fact Yoru is equally brilliant as his counterpart makes him all the more dangerous.
Combine all of this with his odd ginger hair which glows brightly in the light like a reflector, along with his empty blue eyes, and you can understand why many people tend to avoid him. Even most animals that stare into his eyes will end up fleeing as though they just saw danger.
Little do they know how much it breaks his heart, but he doesn't let it get him down. He loves nothing more than to help others in every way he can, and those he helps soon realize what a kind and understanding man he truly is. Given it's Jay they meet and not Yoru, of course.
Yet all people, even his closest friends, consider him a mysterious enigma. Jay claims he keeps on reincarnating, while retaining his appearance and memories. Even he doesn't know what he truly is, or why he is so different. Though it explains why he has so much knowledge, or why he has so many skills that would normally take a lifetime to learn, most wave it off as non-sense.
"Who am I? Why do I exist? Why am I fated to lose all I love over and over again?"
In secret, behind his smile and gentle nature, these questions make him a lonely man. It's the only puzzle he can't seem to solve.
My idea will be a large project, but it's something I've meant to do for quite a while. I want to create a folder in my gallery with an overview of all my OC's. And not just any refs, I want to go back to my roots and draw them how they were when they were first introduced. Untarnished by story and rp, these will be the versions most representative of everyone's true nature.

It will help me organize a bit x'D There are many things that happened in rp which I will potentially use, but also many things I will not. As it stands now I've drawn scenes and refs of many different plots and different events throughout time, some of which no longer happen in the eventual story. It gets confusing!

Jay tends to have a different haircut and behaviour with every reincarnation. Some broken hearts were healed. Some untameable monsters became lapdogs. And this is all great! But it will be nice to have a place with refs of everyone at introductory level.

The same goes for many important areas of the story. Certain cities and landmarks should get a more finalized design. We'll see how far I can get x'D Of course I'll still be drawing other things as well. Filling up that folder will be a gradual process.

And then there's the comic. Oh man am I being disappointingly slow, I know it all too well. It hasn't been until recently that I finally found some inspiration to draw again. I won't make any promises of new pages just yet, first I want to try to be more active again at least. Someday I'll be able to draw as much as I used to, where drawings show up at a regular weekly or even daily basis. That's when I will continue. So I can promise a new page every week...

I'm also considering to open up commissions again to get back into drawing. Would anyone be interested in that?
  • Playing: Monster Hunter World
  • Eating: Like a Deviljho


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
There's a lot to say about me, yet there's nothing at all. I'm just awkward, yet simple like that. One thing that sums up most of it is that I've got a form of autism called 'asperger syndrome'. Don't worry I'm not depressed over it! On the contrary I'm kinda proud to be different and I see autism more as a gift than anything else.

It does cause me to be stuck in 'my own little world' as most people would put it, but thanks to dA I've been able to share that world with other people too. A lot of my time is also spent image-roleplaying, it's just too fun to doodle my oc's as they interact with the adventures that unfold. Many of my drawings and inspiration originated right there.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave a message somewhere!


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