Who is my most iconic "quintessentially Sfé" character?
53 votes
Captain Sam
Exit 18
Other! (comment and tell me!)
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By sfemonster
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I'm goin' with EXIT18
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This is gonna sound way off the wall, but do you remember VRC? I recall you had drawn her a few times and called her a 'you' character, and ever since I associated her mostly with you.

Also she was freaking cool.
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Oh my god, I had totally forgotten about VRC until you mentioned her! Man, I had a whole slew of furry personas once upon a time. Those were the days, mirite?
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For srs man :P Oh man, and Unaji! She was so awesome <3
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Disappointed by the lack of Jabberwockies and Black Nail Polish dudes up here, as that is what I think of.
But in the end I think Max is a huge combination of all the different aspects of 'Sfé-ism', which is why I pick him.
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Oooooraaaange meanie!

And Ly. :3
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It was a close call between Ly and Bish'tal, but I went with Ly.
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For pretty much the same reason as *Dumpysaurus, incidentally.
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Despite Bish'tahl being possibly the biggest amalgam of Sfé symbolism, I feel like Ly is really your "mascot." SUBJECTIVE AS HELL, BUT TRUE.

Brb ripping this poll idea off from you.
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Do you mean the character that is most like you, or the character that is most like the sort of thing you like to draw?
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Whichever you'd like! I meant it more in a "character that comes to mind when you think of Sfé and the stuff Sfé draws" way, but if you'd rather choose the one that is the most like me (not that I think that's even possible, hahahah) then go for it!
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Yeah, 'cause I was gonna say, closest would have to be Ly, unless we could vote for the Sfemonster!
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