FRIENDS- pick the story you like best (if you don't know the story just pick the title that sounds most interesting).
122 votes
Black Nail Polish
Woman King
Changeling Child
Revolution 1
Jeden Tag
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By sfemonster
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I don't know what the titles mean, but if Woman King is any kind of inspired by the Iron & Wine song please do that sometime at least (please)
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I am leaning towards Revolution 1 (even though it's losing horribly in this poll) but Jeden Tag is a close second.
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Oh man, I want to see all of these, but man, BLACK NAIL POLISH. I love that one.
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Revolution 1!!!! I needs to gets my POST APOCALYPSE on.
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I feel bad because I asked for the internet's opinion and now I'm probably going to ignore it because REV1 BABY.
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Oh noooo. I'm the only one who picked Black Nail Polish. But the character designs.. they were so shiny!
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I honestly thought Black Nail Polish was a shoe-in. OOPS, turns out I don't know my audience very well!
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I picked Revolution 1 because it is my spirit animal but in a pinch Woman King would also be fabulous. ALSO CHANGELING CHILD AND JEDEN TAG AND BLACK NAIL POLISH.

Sfé I...I like your stories.
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Gah! But... but... choices.
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I know, right! I can't make these decisions myself so I get the internet to make them for me.
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