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Im asking all my watchers to help my friend get some watchers of her own,

Please watch my friend

her user name is "malcom77"

Malcom is the name of her brother he committed suicide 10 years ago she uses his name as a user name, her real name is Michelle 

She is new at writing and with your help Im sure she will soon get her own following

Thanks in Advance.
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Image by SFC78767
Image by SFC78767

Image by SFC78767
Off to nyc tomorrow for the weekend hope you can wait for your replies till then. Bye

1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA for 20 seconds.

a. You like Blue hair

2. Tell you a color you remind me of.

a. Duh, Blue.

3. Tell you an element I think you belong to (eg: water, fire, earth, air, etc.)

a. Fire your so hot

4. Tell you what character you remind me of.

a. A tiger.

5. Ask you a question, and you must answer.

a. Do I bother you too much?

6. Tell you something that I like about you.

a You always answer my notes

7. Tell you the object that is to the left of me.

a. A mini skirt

8. Tell you what food/flavor/smell you remind me

a. Sugar because your so sweet.

9. Guess your gender.

a. A lady

10. Tell you to put this on your journal

a. I will do all you tell me mistress, ha ha

I enjoyed how this alternative ending finished, Alex ends up being a baby girl until his girlfriend takes the baby bracelet, Pink dress, and Pink hairband off him, would anyone mind another episode of this story?
I am working on two requests

Working Titles are,

Billy to Ballerina


I Hate School Pt3 (You may need to read Pt1 and Pt2 first) they are both in my Gallery.

I hope you enjoy them both.
I begin with an apology if this offends anyone, I don't mean to, but it is my religion to celebrate Christmas.

To all my friends on D.A.

Have a good time and enjoy this holiday period, be nice to one another and don't do anything to excess, moderation in everything, I hope you all get what you deserve and want this Christmas, Lets hope its a good 2015 for everyone.

Samantha Felicity/ David Thomas.
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Since I have been on D.A. for almost a year now. I am reissuing my true life stories, I hope everyone understands why, its because I have to explain my situation as to how I ended up wearing dresses for 11 years, I made some bad decisions, and have to live with the consequences, until I can find a way to become David again.

I have been asked by two of my favourite watchers to continue my true life stories (They are the numbered ones) Part 20 and "The jumper" series. these will be given priority over other work in progress.

I have had two requests, for a follow up to School Picture Day, these are very special friends and I hope I don't let them down, ENJOY.
Please for all who read my stories, enjoy, but PLEASE comment, I like to know what people think of them, so GOOD and BAD comments help. Thank you all
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After a truamatic time in my life I am finally going home (Miami) 1st Aug, Its been nice visiting my Dad (adopted) but I miss talking to my friends online because of the time difference, HK is 12 hours ahead of USA, So just a short note to say I hope you have enjoyed the 3 stories I wrote while in HK.

All my love Samantha.
I'm in Spain as I write this, BUT, I'm flying home to Miami on Monday the 26th of May, I'd like to thank my friends for taking me over the 1,000 views, and I'm hoping to be writing more when I return.

Bye for now.

Thanks for the 500 page views, I know its not much compared with you guys, I'm so happy that over 500 people have got some enjoyment out of my stories, I have been so lucky to have you as friends, and have enjoyed all your tales and pictures too.

I was very nervous about putting pictures of myself on the site, so that's why they are only my legs, (I think they are my best feature) and I'm finding it harder to look as pretty as I once was, (takes twice as long as it used to lol)

I'm in my tenth year of dressing as a woman now so that's something I guess, Only my girlfriend and a certain person named Luke know the truth, and I count on them every day, So thanks again everyone and good luck in the future.

Ive been bitten by the Rukia19845 bug, 

I hope I don't lose any friends who are following my true life story, but I just had this overwhelming urge to write a story about a boy/man (19) who trusted his twin sister to pack his suitcase for him so he could go party with his buddy, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I had writing it.


Please comment.......
David/Joyce - Me
Michelle - My Girlfriend of two years
John - Michelles father, C.O. of the local army base
Kevin - A guard at the army base and my "Date" for the ball

My life so far,

Michelle decided I didnt respect women, ( which I now realise was true) she dressed me in her casino uniform, we fought, had amazing sex, then her father  thought I was a woman called Joyce from Michelles casino, asked me (Joyce) would I like to be his driver, long story short, im now dressed as a woman full time and the police are looking for David, becasue David and Joyce are using the same Social insurance number, So im trapped dressed as a woman for the forseeable future.

The Ball, as part of my duties as John's driver i'm expected to "escort" him to major functions.

More to come.

Stay tuned........

All comments welcome

Hi everyone,
I have a story to tell that is going to be hard to believe, I'm not sure I believe it myself sometimes, It started 10 years ago, when my name was David, I lived with my girlfriend, Michelle, great girl, She worked at a Casino in Niagara Falls as a waitress.
My story starts the day I lost my wallet with all my I.D. inside, As always Michelle was on at me to at least get my i.d. replaced, of course being a man i didn't !!
"M" always gave me a hard time about "checking" out other girls while I was out with her, she didn't understand anything about being a man.
She said i have NO idea what it was like to be a woman, thats where it all began i guess, Stay tuned.